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20 Best Smart Notification Apps -2022

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Notifications can improve the user experience overall by alerting users of any new events or messages even though the user isn’t running the application.

Notifications on the Android notification system were always at the forefront of technology in comparison to other platforms such as Windows and iOS.

In this article we’ve mentioned the 20 best Smart Notification apps that can assist you in managing notifications more effectively than the notification system that you’re using now.

Best Smart Notification Apps

1. Floatify

Floatify offers advanced notifications to your mobile & The ‘QuickReply’ feature allows you to send messages straight from notifications, and ‘DirectReply’ lets you choose already-defined replies such as “ok thank you!” without typing.

‘SmartWake’ will turn on your screen the moment you have your phone as well as the ‘SmartBlacklist’ covers notification pop-ups so that they do not show when you play games or watch videos.

The app lets you extend the size of notifications, sort messages, and set custom settings for interaction. Also, the premium themes available in the app let you choose among Android and iOS style notifications.

You can also customise the design and layout using animations and colours.

2. Notistory

This app is ideal to keep track of all of your messages as you can read text messages without notifying the sender and view all notifications with no running applications in the background.

It supports SMS messages, emails calls, messages, and other well-known social networks. It also allows you to sign up for certain keywords and then receive notifications via vibration that contain the keyword.

3. AcDisplay

AcDisplay displays a brand fresh notification that is displayed on a small stunning screen. AcDisplay allows you to access it via your screen lock, also it offers inactive hours to reduce battery usage and makes use of the sensors on your phone to alert your phone whenever you require it.

Other options include dynamic backgrounds and blacklist notifications for an app as well as low-priority notifications and many more.

4. Smart Notify

Smart Notify is an advanced call and SMS manager that displays notification pop-ups. Alongside pending calls, SMS, and MMS it also shows the duration of calls or rings in missed calls, and a notification about a fully charged battery, or loss of identified WiFi signal.

The app lets you stop unwanted calls and texts and also activates the LED flash when you receive SMS or calls while in silence mode. If you’ve received a new text message or missed a call, the smart vibrating feature will make the phone vibrate after you take it out of your pocket.

5. APUS Message Center

The APUS Message Center is the most simple yet effective notifier for Androids. It offers a simple interface that displays the number of messages that are not read and missed calls in the same panel.

The application also comes with an anti-spam SMS filter that detects spam messages and warns users about malicious and phishing emails.

6. HelpMeFocus

If you’re suffering from addictive social media apps then HelpMeFocus is the ideal choice for you. The app allows users to disable notifications from a variety of social media apps for a set period to avoid the possibility of wanting to remove them all.

After downloading the app from Play Store Create a new profile. Then select the apps you wish to block and select save. The app will now begin to complete the rest for you. To make it easier for you it will collect all notifications from the apps you’ve chosen and place them on their own. 

7. Notification Blocker

The app lets you block unwanted notifications efficiently and clear all notifications in one click. The app is smart enough to stop annoying notifications, and then group all of them in one location to ensure that the phone’s notifications bar remains free of clutter.

Furthermore, it prevents irrelevant notifications from slowing your device, ensuring that your phone is in good condition, speedy, and free of distracting notifications.

8. Notification History

The next top notification application for Android is Notification History. The app gathers all notifications from various applications and places them in an organised space that you can access. This means that the user experience is more pleasant and more efficient.

It is also possible to block the notifications of any application of your preference. The app is light and doesn’t take up lots of storage space, in addition to RAM.

9. Flash Notification

Flash Notification is a user-friendly application that can enable flashing your notifications. It will flash the backlight whenever you receive a call or SMS message, or notification.

Flash Notification lets you choose an application to turn on flash alerts, alter the speed of flashlight alerts and stop flash alerts by pressing the volume/power keys, switch off the flash when the battery is low, and switch off the service by hand.

10. Reply

One of the most popular notification apps for Android is Reply which is developed by Google & allows users to provide replies through the detection of specific words in messages.

The app was initially created to cut down the amount of time spent using their mobiles. Additionally, it could help cut down the number of unnecessary conversations as well. 

11. Notification Bubbles

Notification Bubbles displays notifications in gorgeous and fun bubbles on your screen, also it displays Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Gmail notifications in floating bubbles that appear on your screen.

The app allows users to check messages from text and missed calls. Just open the bubble and read or respond. You can choose different bubble designs and even customise the colours for the bubbles.

12. Notices off (Root)

With Notifications Off (Root), it’s completely possible to disable all notifications for each app you wish to join together in one place. You don’t have to navigate between all of them to achieve this.

Keep in mind that the app requires permission to root. Additionally, it will also be able to remove all notifications of the latest apps when it is installed by themselves.

13. Notin

One of the most effective notification apps for Android is Notin as the app is a simple note-taking app that allows users to make notes on various items like groceries, items or events you may not remember, and more.

Additionally, the app is also equipped with a system of notifications that reminds you of your obligations & the application utilises the notification feature with great creativity as well as provides you with reminders each time you open the notifications.

14. Volume Notification

Volume Notification lets your phone’s sound slider right in the notifications drawer & it’s an open-source application that does not require authorization. The app is useful in situations where you need to store or share streaming media streams during a phone call.

You can also use it to control your background music. This is a great option when the physical buttons on your device don’t work for some reason.

15. Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notifications informs you of the notifications even if the phone’s display is off. You can alter the options of the app, like backgrounds colour, background colours primary notification border design as well as images and other options.

The Premium version includes more advanced features like an auto wake feature, hiding other details, use as a display for your lock screen, night modes, and additional. The free version is great in its own right.

16. Heads-up Notifications

16th on our list is Heads-up Notifications which is full of options and displays notification pop-ups as floating that appear on your screen. The app allows users to alter the appearance of all notifications, including the font size and the location on the notice, its opacity, and more.

It is possible to disable any app you wish to stop from sending notifications. Furthermore, options like setting priority for notifications and the ability of filtering apps are also available in the application.

17. Talking Notification Girl

An app that can communicate with any notification that you want to, such as calls, emails, chat, and even alerts, in the way you prefer. There are many ways to modify notifications according to your preferences.

The app utilises your mobile’s built-in text-to-speech engine. So, you can alter the voice by navigating to the settings. To make the experience more interesting, the app displays an animated and intuitive avatar of the user on-screen.

18. Notification Shortcuts

As per the name, the app allows you to include shortcuts in your notification space. It can support three types of shortcuts that include app shortcuts, Bookmarks, and Settings.

With the trial version, users will be capable of adding shortcuts to only one row. To add additional rows, you must purchase an upgrade to the Premium version application.

19. Power Shade

19th on our list is Power Shade, which allows you to create a notification drawer that looks stunning by customizing the layout and the colour of each small element to suit your preferences. Notifications from one app are put together and you can reply to messages right when you get them.

20. Shouter

Another audio notification application, Shouter reads the notification for you, meaning you don’t need to read them by yourself. The app will announce the name of the person calling when your phone rings, and if you’re too busy with other things, it reads texts.

With this app, you can disable notifications from unneeded apps and read messages even when you’re not using the phone. The battery state and voice remainder announcements are too good in the next version. 

Above mentioned are some of the best and most popular smart notification apps. Let us know your favourite smart notification app in the comment section.

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