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15 Best IPTV Players for Windows

IPTV Players for Windows

Modernization has dominated society, and now with the help of modern technology, we can bring any television channel to our fingertips. The internet is rapidly becoming global and has replaced the traditional television method in recent times.

Gone are those days when we watched television, which functioned with antennas, optic cables, etc. Now, people do not find it appealing to watch television on the broadcast channels. Watching TV channels directly on a PC is as easy as pie with smart devices.

Modern trends like IPTV or Internet-Based Protocol Television have changed the way of watching television. We are sure you are familiar with the term IPTV, but if you are not, do not worry; at the end of this article, we will ease all your confusion.

IPTV is an internet-based broadcasting module that supports multimedia streaming. One can buy an IPTV subscription and get services like live media, TV channels, and video on demand on desktop, laptop, mobile phone, etc.

In this digital world of binge-watching, let’s help you turn your windows into TV with this article on 15 Best IPTV Players for Windows.

Best IPTV Players for Windows

1. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is one of the most popular IPTV used by Windows users. VLC Media Player is free, open-source, cross-platform. VLC helps run all multimedia content, from local media to DVDs, CDs, and IPTV content, and is compatible with all windows versions.

VLC Media Player has an easy-to-use interface and several built-in codes. Along with an easy interface, VLC is free of spyware, tracking, and ads. Thus, with VLC, you can enjoy your favorite online content and make the most of it without compromising your privacy and safety.


IPTV, just as its name reflects, is a classic IPTV Player compatible with all the versions of Windows. Although IPTV’s user interface is not much advanced, it offers a modern TV-watching experience.

With the help of several live media sources, IPTV’s users can watch digital channels without any cost. However, IPTV does not broadcast media sources directly for watching; instead, it extends a platform where users can watch IPTV content.

Also, another remarkable feature of IPTV is that it supports numerous file formats that enhance user experience.

3. Plex

Plex is an IPTV service that has recently grown its popularity due to the cord-cutting trend. Plex uses a central server and can be compatible with all versions of windows; even one can use it as a web browser.

The intuitive interface is easy to use and can transcode any media file. Plex offers a unique feature of viewing the synced history between players.

Even if you use Plex on one device to watch something, you can see the stop from another device. It helps to stream media on multiple devices at the same time. However, Plex isn’t free, and you need to buy its subscription.

4. Kodi

Kodi is popularly used as an alternative to Plex. Kodi is free to use open-source, and its straightforward interface provides a seamless user experience. Kodi helps stream your local media content, video on demand, and play digital channels directly on the desktop.

In the digital library of Kodi, a user can create playlists for movies music and organize media depending on their type. Any user can customize Kodi by adding add ons and benefit from the cross-compatibility feature.

Kodi supports an array of plugins. Kodi has many third-party add ons, and many of them are not legal, so be careful while using them. To increase your safety, installing a VPN is advisable.

5. Prog DVB/ Prog TV

Prog DVB/ Prog TV is a universal, free IPTV player highly preferred by window users. It works with the help of two different UI and is easy to use. It is designed for remote control and can also be accessed with a mouse.

Prog DVB/ Prog TV has mosaic fast channel preview, picture-in-picture support, ten band equalizer, Teletext, interface language localization, etc.

It has both free and paid versions. With ProgDVB/ ProgTV, you can access digital channels, online radio stations, etc. It supports 45+ video formats and five streaming formats.

6. My IPTV Player

MyIPTV Player is an online media player that runs with the help of built-in EPG and HLS. MyIPTV Player is free and can be used in any windows version. It allows you to watch videos and live TV via an M3U playlist from any remote as well as local sources.

The easy-to-use interface makes binge-watching effortless. Although it might look complicated at first, it becomes quite easy to use. MyIPTV Player has many channel filter options and PIN protection to not worry about your privacy being invaded.

7. TiviMate

TiviMate is an IPTV player that aids in an improved streaming experience. In order to take advantage of TiviMate, one compulsorily needs to have a subscription to a compatible IPTV service as it does not have its own TV sources.

It functions with the help of third-party PTV services such as Xstream codes, M3U links, etc. TiviMate has both free and paid services. The simple user interface allows a user to create multiple playlists.

It has an in-built EPG guide, manual channel sorting, parental control, picture-in-picture format, customizable panel transparency, and an advanced remote control option.

8. OTTplayer

OTTplayer is one of the best IPTV Players for windows. With the help of OTTplayer, you can watch your favorite TV channels for free. It has an easy-to-use interface and contains no annoying ads.

OTTplayer supports various protocols like RTSP, HLS, TS, RTMP, etc. You do not need any extra subscription; instead, you can stream content on your ISP through a centralized control on the application’s website. To enjoy your favorite content, you just need to create an account on OTT player’s website.

9. IP-TV Player

IP-TV is an advanced IPTV Player that still uses VLC Media’s source code to connect live Tv on Windows, all the playlists being in M3U format.

Not just M3U, IP-TV Player supports other popular formats such as AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV. IP-TV Player provides total freedom to its users, and the users can watch, record, and even take screenshots of the live media.

A user can create playlists according to their taste and preference, and the simple UI is considered an ideal choice for noob users.

10. ACG Player

Art Commuter Graphics, also abbreviated as ACG Player, is a free and advanced IPTV Player. It is one of the most streamed and intuitive media players. The simple user interface is customizable and can be adjusted according to a user’s requirements.

This is compatible with only Windows 10. ACG Player has several audio and video effects. It allows a user to control basic options such as volume, screen size, balance and has a built-in playback timer. The bunch of ACG Player’s valuable features helps easily manage the multimedia libraries.

11. IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters provides a seamless TV watching experience on Windows without any cost. Not just live TV, it helps watch videos on demand, movies, series, etc. This advanced application is based on Xstream Codes.

IPTV Smarters is quite easy to use; users just have to enter their username, password, and server URL. IPTV Smarters has additional features such as parental control, external subtitle, multiple themes, etc. Also, you can record the live media and watch it later anytime.

12. NetTV Plus

NetTV Plus is a free IPTV player that works on all versions of Windows. With the help of NetTV Plus, you can easily watch your favorite ex-yu TV channels. It has a massive collection of around 200 ex-yu channels from being anywhere in the world.

The EPG of each channel informs you that you are watching and what’s lined next. The massive collection of NetTV Plus includes sports, kids, movies, series, shows, music, etc.

13. Perfect Player

Perfect Player enables you to enjoy your favorite digital content on Windows that can also be used as a media player. This full-featured IPTV has an advanced UI, semi-transparent OSD, and an option to play the media on full screen.

Perfect Player supports multiple languages like Spanish, Greek, English, German, Portuguese, etc. It supports a wide variety of media playlists such as XSPF, M3U, XMBC. Perfect Player is quite flexible as users can customize the settings according to their wants.

14. SimpleTV

Simple TV is a portable IPTV Player that works on all Windows versions. Although Simple TV has many features, the best and most special feature is that a user can customize the appearance and hotkeys as per their requirements.

Simple TV has a plethora of add ons such as password manager, Weather, Yandex Music, YouTube Script, etc. Also, you can schedule recording and even record up to eight channels simultaneously. Simple TV navigation is quite easy, and with it, a user gets a radio option.

15. PotPlayer

PotPlayer is a global multimedia player which is free and supports a variety of codecs and formats. You can enjoy audio and video, and with the screen recorder, you can record anything of your wish. Its UI is quite simple, nothing fancy and complex.

PotPlayer is especially preferred for playing music and films on the desktop. It enhances the video experience with its high-quality streaming format and supports 3D and 360-degree video.

A user can change the default setting of the media player if they dislike it. In addition to this, PotPlayer offers transparency choices, a navigation system, and customizable logos.

So, our comprehensible list of 15 Best IPTV Players for Windows ends with this. We hope you found what you were looking for; if you still have more queries to be resolved, feel free to shoot them in the comment box.

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