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20 Best Music Player Apps for Android

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Everybody loves music and it’s an integral aspect of our everyday lives. We enjoy music in a variety of genres, however, it can be quite difficult to keep them all in one location. Music apps for Android can solve this issue.

You can save and download all your favourite songs at the press of one button. There’s a lot of buzz in the world of music, and numerous young rappers and singers are being recognized.

This is why a number of businesses have launched their own music player applications for Android. Here in this article, we have listed the top 20 best music player apps for android from which you can pick one according to your demand. Have a look:

Best Music Player Apps for Android

1. Spotify

Spotify is more of a streaming service but you can also download music from this platform. Once you have downloaded them, you can listen to them in offline mode.

The great thing with Spotify is that you’ll receive amazing recommendations for songs and the songs you’ve already downloaded are available for the next time you want to listen to them.

2. YouTube: Music & Podcasts

YouTube Music is also another top Android music player. YouTube Music now offers music streaming along with videos and contains around 30 million songs in its library.

You can search for artists, videos, and albums that can assist you in creating a never-ending playlist. Additionally, you can access premium features when you sign up for a monthly subscription.

3. Poweramp Music Player

PowerAmp is a long-running one of the top music player apps available to numerous Android users. It has a smooth user interface and a theme.

It’s fast, efficient, reliable, and effective and also comes with many playback features that include crossfade, gapless playback, and a range of playlists, as well as auto-playback support. It also provides tag editing, widgets, and more settings that can be customised.

4. AIMP Music player

AIMP is a music application that supports a variety of common music formats and additionally, you can customise other options such as themes and other stuff that is fun and exciting.

The app features a simple & basic interface and an excellent interface for content design. This app also includes a great equaliser, HTTP live streaming, etc. 

5. jetAudio HD

JetAudio HD Music Player is among the most popular music app for Android. In addition, massive amounts of music downloading in this application can be very beneficial.

This app also offers appealing sound quality while the design is simple to edit and customise. This application also comes with the option of sharing your playlist with your friends and relatives through WiFi.

6. Shuttle

The shuttle is another awesome music player within the top music player application for Android. With a contemporary and minimalist appearance, it has a variety of options for users.

It offers additional themes for its paid edition & also includes sleep timers, seamless music, dark mode as well as other thrilling features.

7. VLC for Android

VLC is renowned for its reliability and simplicity, as well as a lot of other features which include that it supports a lot of file formats and supports multitrack audio and subtitles.

8. BlackPlayer EX

The BlackPlayer EX app is an incredible music downloader for all android users. It is easy to install and use and nearly all of the songs you want to listen to can be downloaded from this playlist.

The theme can also be customised, and you can swipe to change the music that’s running. And most importantly it is possible to play all audio formats using this player.

9. Pi Music Player

PI Music Player has all the features required by every music player. It starts by offering users the option of an option to select from the four options.

The most notable features are the sleep timer and ringtone cutter, widget support, an inbuilt 5 band equaliser with a virtualized bass boost, and many more that make it among the top music players.

10. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph Music Player is a renowned android music app that comes with an alarm clock and an equaliser additionally. The sleek UI also hides some features that are not visible, such as the ability to edit tags and manage playlists behind menus. This app has a clear user interface that can be tweaked to fit your personal preferences.

11. Neutron Music Player

Neutron Player is equipped with stunning controls, a unique design, and a variety of feature-rich options. There are many other options, like an equaliser built-in, DSD to PCM decoding as well as support for different formats for files and more. Even though it’s reasonably priced, it’s well worth the cost.

12. PlayerPro Player

PlayerPro Music Player offers another attractive interface that is simple to use. It is available to customise. It also gives you the ability to play videos.

It’s the most popular music player application for Android featuring a ten-band equaliser. It can play high-fidelity music. In addition, it supports Chromecast as well as Android Auto support, widgets as well as various audio effects, and a few enjoyable features.

13. Pulsar Music Player

Another excellent program on this list is Pulsar; however, you will receive more features when you subscribe to the premium version of their service. In addition to the standard capabilities, the Premium version offers you more customizable styles, an equaliser for the bass boost and reverb. 

It does, however, fall far behind the other players for free on this list because of its limitations on features for an unpaid sub.

14. GoneMAD

GoneMAD is well-known due to its sound engine which greatly improves the audio quality. It also supports almost all audio formats & comes with a sleek and sophisticated user interface. If you pay $5, you can listen to your music right on your phone.

15. Musixmatch

Musixmatch comes with a playback control facility as well as a five-band equalizer, but its main attraction is that the app shows synced lyrics automatically for every song while tracks play.

16. Musicolet music player

One of the free and great music apps available for Android users is the Musicolet app. This application can play and transfer many songs and you can even change the name of songs. With this app, you don’t have to think of unusual ads. This app is among the most effective offline music players available.

17. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Player is one of the top applications listed that we have included on our list as it comes with a free membership facility and the ability to search for and manage library features.

The app supports podcasts and gives you access to their lock screen and home widgets, which are available on their free subscription. With in-app purchases, you can eliminate all ads and grant access to other features like sync functions as well as Cloud backup.

18. MediaMonkey

Media Monkey is the next music player application on our list that you can use to control your music library as it allows you to download the app to sync and gain access to your entire playlists in a single click and amazingly it also has a Playlist management system that allows you to efficiently sort your music files.

From small-sized to large-sized files, you can play them all with MediaMonkey Player. You can also browse the music by album, artist category, or through different folders in which your media file is located. You can also play audio, video as well as audiobooks using this application.

19. BOOM Music Player

Now you can improve your music experience with Boom: Music Player, regardless of whether the application is playing your most-loved tracks. BOOM features a unique patent-pending 3D audio system that delivers an authentic music experience for any headset. One of the reasons behind being the best music player is the pre-defined equaliser presets.

20. Google Play Music

The most popular choice for Android customers can be Google Play Music in this case. Google Play Music comes with some perks with which you will be convinced to test it first before you try the other applications.

One of the best features is the upload manager that allows you to manage as many as 50k songs from any application, including iTunes. The monthly premium subscription lets you access the Google Play catalogue as well as YouTube Red and ad-free streaming & playing.

The above mentioned are some of the best and most popular music player apps for android. Let us know your favourite music player app for android in the comment section.

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