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15 Best Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

Adobe Flash Player Alternatives

Flash Players are an essential part of your PC if you are someone who likes to stream audio and videos on your computers or laptops. Before going into a list of all the best Flash Players that we have compiled after going through the software, you must know what is the actual use of a Flash Player. 

A Flash Player is a software program for viewing multimedia content, performing advanced operations to view rich Internet applications, and it is also used for streaming audio and video.

So, every movie buff needs to have a high-performing multimedia player on his or her computer. Flash Players may come pre-loaded into your PC or you can download. Here are the top 15 Best Flash Players alternatives for your computer.

Best Flash Player Alternatives

1. Lightspark

Adobe Flash Player might be the industry standard but if you want to opt for one of its alternatives, Lightspark is what you should choose without a second thought.

This open-source software is available for downloading from the internet absolutely free of cost. You can use Lightspark with every prominent browser that you can think of, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc. The plugin for this Flash Player is compatible with both Windows & Linux OS. 

2. Ruffle

Ruffle is the second flash player alternative for Adobe Flash Player that we must tell you about! This software is compatible with Windows, Mac, as well as Linux computers.

Ruffle functions a bit differently than the other Flash Players. It is more of an emulator than being an actual software. It was built using the Rust language.

Any user can make use of Ruffle on any of the mainstream browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Just like Lightspark, Ruffle is completely free-to-use and open-source. 

3. Shubus Viewer

The ultra-new and amazing Flash Player Shubus Viewer is a great alternative to the Adobe Flash Player for those of you who like to play online games on your computer in 2021.

Shubus Viewer is a light-weighted utility software that can be used for viewing HTML pages, photos, videos, animations, and much more.

In addition to seeing the files, you can also edit flash files with Shubus Viewer. Oh, and did we mention that Shubus is compatible with Unity3D and DCR files as well?

4. SuperNova Player

The fourth name on our list of the top 15 Flash Players alternatives that you can use is the SuperNova Player. It is a stand-alone Chrome flash player. It can be used for playing back files with an SWF extension on almost all the prominent browsers and web platforms out there.

We would highly recommend you to use SuperNova Player because we found that when it comes to performance, SuperNova Player is quite similar to Flash. Thus, you can use it to play graphic-rich games and stream high-resolution videos.

5. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

Now, we’re down to the fifth name on our list of the best Flash Players in the market right now. BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is packed with amazing features and thus, it is a great alternative to Adobe Flash Player.

You can very well use it if you are a dedicated gamer who likes to play online games. It is a one-of-a-kind software that helps you store the progress you have made in all the games and even archive online games. Launched in 2018, this is a free-to-use and open-source software.

6. Photon Flash Player and Browser

The Photon Flash Player and Browser live up to its name because it functions at the speed of light! We found this software to be very useful because it can also function as a full-fledged web browser on its own.

The software is enviably lightweight and proves to be a great alternative for the Adobe Flash Player. You can install this tool on your computer from any of the web software providers. It runs on both Windows 11 and Android smartphones. 

7. FlashFox

Next up on our list of the top 15 Adobe Flash Player Alternatives is the open-source tool FlashFox. We must commend its excellent compatibility as the programme runs smoothly on both Windows and Mac Operating Systems, making it an ideal replacement for Adobe Flash Player for your computers and laptops.

With the help of this wonderful software, any sort of flash content will run absolutely smoothly on your device. The developers of FlashFox also offer FlashFox – a Flash browser that has all the essential features needed for a web browser such as a browser history tab, bookmark folders, recent tabs, and much more.

8. SWF Opener

SWF Opener is a great tool for those of you who wish to run SWF files on your laptops and computers. We found that this tool has a good compatibility feature and it can run smoothly without requiring any web browser at all.

You can always use the SWF Opener for running flash files, games, and videos on your PCs. SWF opener has an interface that is user-friendly and well-managed as well, and it is quite similar to a media player. 

9. Quick Flash Player

Quick Flash Player is an easily available and free-to-use flash player that has proven to be a good alternative to the Adobe Flash Player that is so often used by many users.

Not just that, the Quick Flash Player is available on all major operating systems you can think of, such as Windows, Linux, macOS, etc. And we must mention that the Quick Flash Player can run all types of flash content, making it a great choice for an Adobe FP Alternative.

10. XMTV Player

Next on our list is the powerful tool called XMTV Player which is currently exclusively available for Windows 11 only. It is a good player that supports all regular media file formats.

XMTV Player also supports Adobe Flash video files. This easy-to-use software is lightweight and available for public use. Thus, it can run without any lagging issues even on low-performance laptops and personal computers.

11. CheerpX for Flash

Coming to the eleventh name on our list, CheerpX for Flash is a great tool to use if you have some concerns about the internet security of your PC.

This alternative for the Adobe Flash Player plugin in the Chrome interface is an excellent option for you as it is compatible with most Flash APIs and supports Flex, ActionScript 3, ActionScript 2, and Spark. 

12. OpenSilver

Now, we are down to the twelfth name on our list of the top 15 software to replace Adobe Flash Player on your PC. OpenSilver is one of our personal favourites when it comes to this category of tools.

It can help you play SWF files on a PC. Another thing that we must mention here is that OpenSilver is a plug-in-free tool. Hence, all you need to do is simply install it on your Windows 11 PC and it will run smoothly. 

13. Gnash

Gnash is the next best thing that we discovered on our quest to find a suitable alternative for the Adobe Flash Player. Well, Gnash is a GNU Flash movie player, and it has superb efficiency in playback video as well as audio files.

You can seamlessly use this software on all the prominent operating systems that are usually available on PCs and laptops. Another thing is that Gnash can also be used as a plugin-in on all the major browsers like Mozilla Firefox.

14. Lunaspace

The next Flash player alternative that runs smoothly on a Windows PC or a laptop is Lunaspace. The software performs very well in the Windows backend and in addition to it, this tool can also run on Android, iOS and macOS environments, much like the Adobe Flash Player software. Luna space is available for download from the GitHub page of its developers.

15. FLV Media Player

Last but not the least, we could not simply end this list of the top 15 best Adobe Flash Player alternatives without naming the ever-so-famous FLV Media Player.

As the name suggests, it is a full-fledged media player that supports flash multimedia files as well. You simply need to install FLV Media Player on your Windows computers, to use this tool!


So this was a list of the best Flash Player alternatives. We come to the end of our list and we sincerely hope our recommendations have helped you a lot. You can check out all the other lists and how-to articles on our website and also share the articles with your friends. Thanks for reading this and have a great day! 

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