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10 Best Image Upscaler Tools – 2022

Image Upscaler Tools

Whenever you work with pictures, particularly for professional use, there will be times when you run over the ideal picture in too small size or excessively low quality for your requirements.

It can likewise happen that the images you have are of low quality, and you need to make it work. In these cases, an image upscaler tool will be your best companion!

Sadly, 78% of pictures shared on the Internet are low quality. That is the place where AI upscaling tools should come in. Image upscaler tools helps in upscaling images you give, to augment and additionally improve image quality. 

Such tools help upscale old/authentic pictures, and free stock images that are less sharp, or images that are excessively small for your expected use.

There are many free and paid image upscaler tools otherwise known as image enhancers out there. In this article we will discuss the top 10 best and most popular image upscaler tools in 2022. Check out some amazing image upscaling tools below!

Best Image Upscaler Tools

1. AI Image Upscaler

  • Price: Free for 10 photos and the paid plan starts from $5
  • Compatibility: Any Windows and macOS Web Browser: Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and all others
  • Structure: Web-Based

Stockphotos has a massive AI image Upscaling tool. With just one click you can upscale the images to 8x, inclusive of resolution, smoothness, for the best result. It eliminates any type of motion blur and noise by compressing pixels according to the best result.

Users can upscale 3 pictures with 2000*2000 pixels for free. It allows JPG, PNG, WEBP, and BMP files, yet you can upscale 3 snapshots in conformity with 2000*2000 pixels.

You get a super-resolution enhancement to 8x if you sign up. Pay $10 for hundred upscales or $5 for twenty upscales – that’s $0.15 each.  

2. Vance AI Image Enlarger 

  • Price: Free for 5 images in a month and the paid plan starts from $9.9 per month
  • Compatibility: Windows, and macOS
  • Structure: Web-Based

Vance AI Image Enlarger offers an 8x image upscaling tool to upscale low-quality images without losing quality. It additionally has an AI anime upscaling tool to upscale small anime images up to 16x. 

If you are looking to upscale a low quality picture, regardless of foggy scene picture, or an old photograph for Instagram, VanceAI Image Enlarger can be your best image upscaler tool.

It offers adaptable scales to browse, permitting you to increase images by 2x, 4x, 6x and, surprisingly, up to 8x. The arbitrary clamour and undesired haze can be taken out naturally using AI. 

VanceAI Anime Upscaler is another astonishing AI upscaling tool for anime fans. It is one of the best anime upscaling tools that permits you to upscale anime images by 2x, 4x, 8x, and, surprisingly, 16x. Using this tool you can without much of a stretch get 4k anime backdrops from normal anime images.

3. Deep Image

  • Price: Free for 5 photos and the paid plan starts from $9 per month or $0.4 per photo
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
  • Structure: Software, Web-Based, and Mobile App

Deep Image is an image upscaling tool that works with AI super-goal profound convolutional neural organisations, which is a significant piece yet implies, they use AI and man-made reasoning to improve low-quality images to be more appealing.

It is available on both iOS and Android platforms. To perform image upscaling on your smartphone, this tool can upscale images up to 2x with only a single click.

4. Topaz Gigapixel AI

  • Price: Free for an image through email and limitless access for $99.99
  • Compatibility: Windows and macOS
  • Structure: Plugin + Software

Topaz Gigapixel, developed by Topaz Labs, is an AI photo upscaler that allows you to upscale an image up to 600%. The upscaling algorithm utilises AI and machine learning to accurately upsize photos.

Over a million photo tests were made and Topaz Gigapixel stood out as one of the best AI photograph enlargers.

The pictures come out to be intensely perfect and additionally improves the objects within blurry snapshots all through the enlarging process. This is the predominant reason why it’s much better than the non-AI image upscalers.

5. Imglarger – AI Image Enlarger

  • Price: Free for limited images and the paid plan starts from $9 per month
  • Compatibility: Windows, and macOS
  • Structure: Web-Based

Artificial intelligence Image Enlarger, as the name parts with, is an online image upscaling tool that uses AI for image upscaling. It’s a web-based tool that you can use on Windows or Mac, and gives you upscaled images without losing quality for free.

6. Blow Up 3

  • Price: Free for a month and paid plan at $79
  • Compatibility: Windows and macOS
  • Structure: Software

Blow Up 3 is also one of the most popular image upscaling tools available today. You can get the most from Blow Up 3 when you use it with Exposure X6 in light of the fact that they are both created by same organisation. The disadvantage of the product is that it hasn’t been updated for years.

7. GIMP 

  • Price: Free
  • Compatibility: Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Structure: Freeware 

GIMP is a GNU picture controller program that incorporates an upscaling feature that figures out how to enlarge your photos without quality loss.

In any case, it requires basic knowledge and is not easy to use. On the splendid side, you can further develop it if you’re educated and it’s free to use.

8. Photoshop

  • Price: Free for 7 days and the paid plan starts from $9.99/ month
  • Compatibility: Windows and macOS
  • Structure: Web-Based

The list of image enhancers will not be finished without Adobe Photoshop. One of the most popular image upscaler tools available in the market – presently accessible online through Adobe Creative Cloud-Photoshop can likewise name as an image upscaling tool.

It uses a conventional, pixels data examination to improve picture quality and picture goal, which is not exactly as powerful as AI-driven tools but is still extremely good.

9. Icons8: Smart Upscaler

  • Price:  Free
  • Compatibility: Windows and macOS
  • Structure: Web-Based

Icons8 offers an AI-driven Smart Upscaler on its site, which applies profound learning calculations to picture improvement.

It can work on a picture by 2x or 4x, and it incorporates highlights for sound decrease and treatment of blemishes. What’s more? It’s absolutely free! 

10. Bigjpg

  • Price: Free version is available and the Paid plan starts from $6per month
  • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, Android and iOS
  • Structure: Software and Web-Based

Bigjpg is also one of the best image upscaler tools. Users can use this tool on both mobile and computer. It uses profound convolutional neural networks to give extraordinary upscaling of pictures keeping up with quality.

It guarantees tones, subtleties, and edges will be very much kept, and it’s ideal to upgrade photographs and outlines.

In its free version, you can handle pictures of up to 3000x3000px and 10 MB, however, you can likewise move up to the paid for more steady and expedient picture handling.


The above mentioned are some of the best and most popular image upscaler tools available online. Let us know your favourite image upscaler tool in the comment section. Don’t forget to share this article on your social profiles.

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