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10 Best Instagram Grid Layout Apps

Instagram Grid Layout Apps

Are you looking for creative ways to make your Instagram content stand out, but are not sure where to start? Use collages to share interesting stories, share vacation memories, and more.

Collages are attractive, fun to look at, and easy to create, especially with the availability of numerous photo editing programs. Here are some of the best Instagram grid layout apps for iPhone and Android that you can use to create and share Instagram collages.

Best Instagram Grid Layout Apps

  1. Photo Split for Instagram (Android)
  2. Grid Maker for Instagram (Android)
  3. 9 Square for Instagram (Android)
  4. 9Cut Insta (Android)
  5. Layout From Instagram (iOS & Android)
  6. Photo blend (iOS)
  7. Collage Maker (iOS)
  8. Pic Jointer (iOS & Android)
  9. Unfold (iOS & Android) 
  10. Pic Collage (iOS & Android)

1. Photo Split for Instagram (Android)

On Android, Photo Split, an Insta-grid application, is a decent choice. This is a free app created by Tech Positive that allows you to divide a single photo into many copies. You can choose from three grid variants: 3 1, 3 2, or 3 3.

Even though the quality will be good, your phone’s storage capacity will be unaffected. The software is simple to use, and it includes basic capabilities like zooming in. Photo Split is used by over 400,000 Instagram users.  

2. Grid Maker For Instagram (Android)

CodeAndPlayVn has created an outstanding tool that allows you to obtain more Instagram followers by producing a stunning high-resolution grid. A more stylish and current Instagram feed can be achieved by dividing one photo into many segments.

This app allows you to clone any image into 2 *1, 2* 2, 2 * 3, 3 * 1, 3 * 2, and 3 * 3 grids and you may share your collage immediately to Instagram with this app, and you can also save it to an SD card. This app is easy to handle.

3. 9 Square For Instagram (Android)

Danny has made a great application for designing grid layouts, which helps you to earn more followers by making gorgeous grids for Instagram with over 10 different grids designs.

You may zoom in, mirror, or even rotate photographs if you’re not sure about them. Editing is essential for a complete grid layout so make sure you use the app.

You can also choose photographs directly from the app or from your storage. 3 × 1, 3 × 2, 3 × 3, 3 × 4, and 3 × 5 are the main essential functions that consumers enjoy, such as cropping or separating an image into many sections. More than 27 thousand Android users have used or downloaded this application.

4. 9Cut Insta (Android)

For making attractive grid photographs for your Instagram account, 9Cut Insta is fantastic. You’ll feel at ease using 9Cut Insta because it has a simple user interface and features that no other app has.

You may construct grid layouts that will impress your followers by clicking photographs or selecting from your gallery. 3*1, 3*2, 3*3, 3*4, and 3*5 grids are offered. With buttons, you can perform basic functions like pinch to zoom and rotate. With a reduced storage size, the output will appear fantastic.

5. Layout From Instagram (Android, iOS)

This is the finest Instagram layout app for Android/ iPhone 2022, and it can remix your photographs into cool layouts or collages that you can post on social media with your friends and family.

This app allows you to combine up to nine of your photos to create unique, amusing layouts and collages. Using the faces tab, you may quickly find photographs with individuals in them. In photobooth mode, this app allows you to capture the moment with rapid and impromptu images.

You may also save collages to your phone’s gallery and publish them directly to Instagram or other social media platforms. This software also allows you to quickly view the past 30 photos you’ve picked in the recent tab, and you can then combine your layouts and collages with Instagram’s filters and other creative features to make them pop even more.

There’s no need to sign up or create an account using this app, and nothing will get in the way of your flow. Get this app and start making layouts and collages right now!

6. Photo Blend (iOS)

Photo Blend is worth a try if you’re tired of the usual collage makers and their grid-type layouts. This mixes two photographs to create a double-exposure look, as the name implies.

Professional designers use software like Photoshop and Illustrator to accomplish this type of work. This app enables anyone to achieve that level of perfection without the use of complex software.

Aside from that, the app has a large number of frames with which you may embellish your photos and create a variety of looks. It also allows you to add text to your photos or collages to communicate your story. The best aspect is that the app is completely free and open to everybody.

7. Collage Maker (iOS)

This is a fantastic collage creator and photo editor that you can use to improve your Instagram photos. It has a large selection of over 10,000+ layouts, stickers, and effects that you can use to create collages with your photos. The artistic filters in the application can transform your photos into works of art by legendary painters such as Van Gogh and Picasso.

The app also allows you to doodle on collages to create stories and engage your audience. You can also use the cut-out tool to cut out photos by tracing shapes with your finger. Another useful feature is the selfie editor, which enhances your selfies and makes it ideal for editing Instagram photos.

8. Pic Jointer (iOS & Android)

Pic Jointer is yet another excellent photo editor and collage creator for customizing Instagram collages. You can start by modifying your photos with the app’s many photos editing features.

Then, using the app’s hundreds of grids and layouts, you may put them all together. You may add stickers and unique text to your collages to personalize them.

The software is free to download and use, but you will need to make in-app purchases after a few days of free use. The basic filters pack is $0.99 per week, the natural filters pack is $1.99 per week, and the entire upgrade pack is $4.99 per week.

There are various filter packs available that you can purchase as needed. The idea is to buy the needed packs per your requirements and use them for a week and maybe try another one next week.

9. Unfold (iOS & Android)

This is the app for you if you’re looking for a simple, classic design for your Instagram collages. It offers lovely, film-inspired layouts that make your collages look like a collection of classic photographs.

It comes with over 150 different collage templates to choose from. While this may appear to be a small number compared to the other apps on this list, these 150 templates are unlike any others.

You may also utilize the 10 filters it offers to enhance your photos and make them more fascinating. This is a premium app with a free trial period of seven days. It also features in-app purchase options, which allow you to purchase premium frames and filters for as little as $0.99.

10. Pic Collage (iOS & Android)

This is an Instagram collage creator for making collages of love-themed photos. If you have an Instagram account where you share comparable content, this could be the app for you.

Hundreds of stickers, backdrop patterns, and photo grids are available in the app. You may use these to create attractive and engaging photo collages for your Instagram feed.

One of the best aspects of this software is that it comes with many card templates that you can use to make cards for your loved ones. It also contains a freestyle snipping tool that allows you to cut off photographs by tracing shapes with your fingers.

This gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to making and tweaking Instagram collages. While there are a lot of this app’s features that you can access for free, there is a paid plan that allows you to access VIP templates and features. 


The above mentioned are the best Instagram grid layout apps for making photo collages to upload to Instagram. Explore the features and costs of each to choose which is perfect for you. The majority of these apps are either free to download or provide a free trial period.

Take advantage of the opportunity to test out a few apps before deciding which one’s interface and features you like. Good luck with your experiments!

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