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11 Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android

Auto Clicker Apps for Android

Ever since the emergence of smartphones, they have been an integral part of our life. We tap our smartphones several times a day for minimal tasks such as calculating to setting up an alarm.

Also, continuously tapping or clicking the phone gets tiresome after some time. Just imagine how many times you click on your phone? Numerous times, right?

There are various reasons for constantly tapping your phone. But these tapping may seem unnecessary; these tapping may have serious repercussions. To evade this repercussion, a quick way out is extremely important.

As human beings, we tend to love automatic things, be it refrigerators or washing machines; we all have automated appliances in our homes. For the love of automation, experts have developed something called auto clickers.

An auto clicker app is quite simple, just like its name, and does the work of automating various tasks on functions on your android devices. Auto clicker apps save your time and energy.

There are many auto clicker apps, but as the saying goes, not all that glitters is gold; all these apps are not worth your time. To help you get most of your android phone, we have compiled a list of 11 Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android.

Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android

1. Click Assistant

The first app on our list, pretty much as its name suggests, Click Assistant automates all the taps on your android devices. Click Assistant is all about gesture order. In order to automate the clicks, all you need to do is just create a mind map.

It is user-friendly and doesn’t need root allowance to work, and it works well on android devices without rooting it. Not just click automation, this app features other benefits too; pinch and curved swipe automation.

Click Assistant has an anti-detection feature, and you can turn it on at random intervals. Click Assistant is quite popular and is free to download.

2. Quick Touch

The second app on the list is Quick Touch, an auto clicker app almost similar to Click Assitant. It does not need any root access and works effectively on full-screen applications.

This app has a floating bar that acts as its start/stop controller and cuts down the tapping time. Quick Touch is reliable, and its smart user interface can easily record the pattern of tapping, sliding, or clicking of the screen.

This app has two modes: single-target mode and multi-target mode. However, this app is compatible with Android 7.0 and above. Although there’s a free version of the app, the paid version is free of ads.

3. Auto Input

The third app on our list is AutoInput, another automated auto clicker app. This app does not require you to root your phone in order for it to work. However, it’s not as simple as it looks; there’s a catch.

For the app, AutoInput to work, you’ll need to install a plugin named Tasker. Using this Tasker plugin, you can automate all your taps and swipes. But remember, AutInput is not free to use.

Also, this app is not quite easy to use as one needs to be well familiarized with the working of Tasker. However, once you get the hang of it, this app will be very helpful.

4. E-Robot

The fourth app on our list is E-Robot, a versatile auto clicker app. E-Robot supports various events and action types, over 170 event types, and 150 action types. It also offers parameterized editing options.

There’s a screen where you can check the app’s performance. The possibilities of E-Robot are endless. It can run on JavaScript and comes with third-party support for tools such as Ipak icons.

Although there’s a free version of the E-Robot app, it’s not free of annoying ads. To stop ads, one must take the Pro key. However, one major limitation of this app is that its UI is slightly advanced and not much easy for beginners.

5. Macrodroid

Next on the best auto clicker apps list, we have Macrodroid, a macro-based automation app. This app can automate a plethora of daily tasks and operations with its clear and functional user interface.

It can automate Data, Wi-Fi, Profiles, and many more things. Macrodroid has over 100 pre-coded actions. Although this app has many templates, one can personalize their favorite design.

Also, one needs to select a trigger for the macro to work with and then the action to automate. Using Macrodroid reduces battery usage. Macrodroid maximizes your android’s potential and minimizes your efforts. The free version has five macro limits, but the paid version has unlimited macro.

6. Auto Clicker

Now, you must be wondering how basic this app’s name is. But, as the saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover. This app’s name may appear simple, but its working is way more advanced.

Again, as most of the apps on our list, this app also doesn’t require root access and is quite easy to use. But, there’s a condition, this app works only for android 7.0 or above.

It’s very easy to use Auto clicker; just open the app and place the spots on where you want the click, and the app will do the rest of the work. Repeated clicks or swipes; this app can handle all. Auto clicker can mirror double-clicking, holding, and pressing; something that’s unique only to this app.

7. Automate

Moving forwards, now on the list, we have Automate, a renowned auto-clicking app for android devices. Automate uses flowcharts to define a user’s automation activities. It allows a user to string together different blocks by adding or removing them on a flow chart.

These blocks represent components such as alarm, map, Bluetooth, contacts, camera, notification, calendar, Gmail, etc. This list is open to endless automation possibilities.

Automate is quite easy to use due to its simple user interface. It is compatible with all android devices with a minimum android version of 4.0. The basic version is free, but with the premium version, you will get no ads and can simultaneously navigate up to 30 blocks.

8. Easy Touch

Moving on to the list of best auto clicker apps, next, we have Easy Touch. Easy Touch is undoubtedly one of the best auto clicker apps for android devices. This app keeps the screen active and acts as a virtual home key.

Not just a home key, Easy Touch also features a virtual volume key through which you can adjust the volume by increasing or decreasing it. It emulates touching specific points on display.

The floating panel of this app contains shortcuts to adjust brightness, turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. The panel is customizable, and you can add shortcuts of your choice. With Easy Touch, you can make the most of your android device.

9. Blue Point

Next, we have Blue Point, an auto clicker app that does not require any root access. Blue Point has the ability to display over other applications. For tapping the set points on your android screen, Blue Point is a great application.

It is highly helpful while playing games. With the Blue Point app, you can activate your android screen whenever you want it to be.

The app carries out the selected tasks. Under the start button of the application, you just need to select any program and then double; the rest of the work is done by the app itself. Despite all these features, Blue Points only is compatible with android version 7.0 or higher.

10. Habi Tap

Towards the end, we have on our list HabiTap, an auto clicker app for automatic tapping that works without rooting the phone. A user can set the speed of the clicks and their time intervals.

For people with disabilities who need to repeatedly tap the screen, HabiTap is a boon as it does the work of several taps in a single tap. The intuitive user interface helps with the automation of routine activities and eases life.

Another commendable aspect of HabiTap is that it is completely ad-free. There’s a dual pointer mode in the paid version, which is not there in the free version.

11. Automatic Tap

Alas, we have reached the end of the list. And there can be no better end of the list without including Automatic Tap. It does not need root access. This app helps you automate the usage of your phone.

Automatic Tap is designed as such so that you can touch anywhere on your screen after a specific period of time. This app also has the feature of recording the pattern of the clicks.

Also, you can record gestures such as long swipes, presses, etc. This app’s advanced UI saves all the automation in the history and then plays it back whenever needed. There’s also an in-app purchase available for a better experience.

Final Thoughts:

So, this is it for today, and here ends our list of best auto clicker apps for android. All these apps can be easily downloaded for free. Most of these apps do not require root access and are easy to use.

However, a few of these apps are tricky to learn, but once you get a hold of them, you will find them enjoyable. Using these auto clicker apps will limit the multiple taps on your android device. We hope using these auto clicker apps will help you to get most of your android device.

Feel free to mention your favourite auto clicker app, even if it’s not mentioned in the list. If you have any doubt, drop your queries in the comment box, and we will solve them at the earliest.

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