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SpamZilla – Best Tool To Buy Expired Domains


Are you looking for a good domain name? Registering a new domain is beneficial if you’re starting a new business with a great brand name.

However, if you’re planning on using any domains for linking power or private blog networks (PBN’s), then, you have many factors to consider. One is finding a relevant domain name based on your niche and checking if anything is spammy or suspicious that happened within the domain’s lifespan. Of course, you also want to check its metrics.

Easy-To-Use Features has plenty of features you can use, so finding expired domains with authority site backlinks is very simple. You can use the 80+ filters and select your desired SEO metrics to sort through millions of expired domains immediately. The user-friendly interface allows you to review a lot of domain data quickly and easily.

Here are the tools and features of SpamZilla:

  • Backlink Filters: You might be surprised by this: SpamZilla is considered as the world’s only expiring domain database that comes with backlink data.
  • Authority Links: You can easily search for expired domains with authority links, such as Wikipedia, Huffington Post, BBS, and many more.
  • Authority Filters: With this feature, you can search and find expired domains with a minimum amount of authority links, such as 10x DR80+.
  • Best SEO Metrics: SpamZilla allows you to filter searches for the best SEO metrics, including TF/CF (Majestic), DA/PA (Moz), and DR/UR (Ahrefs).

Easy-To-Search Expired Domains

So, what’s the best way to search expired domains at SpamZilla?

It’s so easy to search expired domains using SpamZilla. By learning how to do it, you’ll find the best domain for you with quality backlinks, boosting your SEO in no time. To achieve that, here are steps you ought to follow:

  • There’s a search bar located at the top wherein you can enter any keyword you prefer, and SpamZilla will return results that include your word. For instance, you can simply type “health” in the search bar, and a list of expired domains that all contain the word “health”, in one way or another, will be displayed.
  • Next, the search bar has a plus sign (+) button, which enables you to add a list of domains for SpamZilla to run and find out their respective spam scores. Click on the button, and you’ll see a pop-up box. Enter the expired domains that you want this tool to check. Also, you can name the list of expired domains so that you can save it for later use.
  • When you send your domain list to SpamZilla, you have some options as to what you would like to do with them. You can select every domain and click on the “start” button to run a check on their spam scores. The result is split into different categories, including spam, clear, and suspicious. The SpamZilla or SZ score is a 1 to 100 scale. The higher the score, the more spam has occurred.
  • If you want to go back to the expired domains list, click on the “domains” table that is located at the page’s top right-hand corner. Once you’re back, you can view any previously saved domains on the list. It means that they can always revisit the domains in the future and check if their spam score has improved.

In-Depth Analysis Or Review Of Expired Domains

You can use a filter to check the domains with the lowest spam score at SpamZilla. The columns of the page are split into sections that are relatively easy to understand, which includes the following:

  • Domain: It’s the site or expired domain in question, which helps you analyze and decide on what domain name you would like to buy later on.
  • Source: It shows the website that the expired domain is presently held for auction. Once you click on this, it will take you to the web page where the bidding takes place.
  • Trust Flow (TF): It’s a very important metric that comes together with a citation flow.
  • Citation Flow (CF): It’s an amazing metric in which the more even the ratio, the more likely that the domain is spam-free.
  • Maj BL: It refers to the number of backlinks found on the domain. However, always remember that the quantity is not as important as the backlinks’ quality.
  • Maj RD: It refers to all domains pointing to your website.
  • Maj Topics: It shows the different categories for backlinks, helping you understand the type of websites that are linking to the domain.
  • Maj Lang: It’s the language of the website’s backlinks, and not a domain language.
  • SEO Metrics: SpamZilla includes SEO tool metrics, including Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMRush, to determine the quality of an expired domain.
  • Domain Age: The expired domain’s age starts from the time when it was first registered. For instance, if an expired domain name was bought in 2012, then, this domain should be eight years old by now.
  • SZ Score: As previously mentioned, SpamZillas has a ranking system that scales from 1 to 100. It determines how spam-free a domain or website is. You can click on this metric, and it will display a new window, providing more detailed information, such as the Google Index (number of pages still indexed on the database of Google), date added (when the expired domain was added to, price of the expired domain (current auction), and the expiry date (when the auction ends).

Flexible Pricing Options

The two different pricing options when buying an expired domain with SpamZilla include free and paid options. The version you choose highly depends on your needs. Of course, the free version won’t cost you anything, and the paid version comes with more features and benefits at a reasonable price.

Here’s the difference between the two pricing options:

Free Version: In the free version, you’ll have basic access to SpamZilla. It allows you to review up to 25 expired domains a month. Also, it will give some good metrics and help you gauge spam domain names.

Paid Version: With more features, you can use the paid version for in-depth research and analysis when buying expired domains. You can take a look at the whole database of expired domains with the ability to check a domain’s backlink profile. Because this tool has millions of expired domains, it’s updated daily. You can filter through all domains by using different metrics and check up to 1850 custom domains every month, way more as compared to the free version.

Note: With the paid SpamZilla version, you get billed for only $37 a month, which includes all features in the free version, such as unlimited and full access to millions of expired domains, over 70 database filters, domain backlink data, automated spam checking, 1850 credits for custom domain lists, and newly added expired domains emailed to you daily.

How To Use Powerful SpamZilla Tools To Get The Best Domains

1. Backlinks Miner

It allows you to easily and quickly analyze each domain’s top 100+ backlinks, including anchor language, DR/UR, dofollow/nofollow, outbound links, and anchor text.

Here are the necessary steps to take:

Choose a backlink and review the website. Find the link’s location by clicking on the anchor text. Now, you can quickly review each expired domain’s best links.

2. Expired Domain Spam Detection

SpamZilla is a powerful software that can detect SEO spam automatically through the following:

Selecting the best domains for automated spam checking Analyzing historical data and backlink data Reviewing data (12 tabs) that SpamZilla analyzed Discovering only clean expired domains with authority and powerful backlinks

3. Advanced Filters

SpamZilla has more than 70 filters wherein you can search for the best SEO metric for Ahrefs, Moz, Majestic, Alexa, and SEMRush.

Here are the benefits of using this tool:

Choose from expiring, auction, or expiring domains Find expired domains with authority backlinks Save your favorite filters for easy use Receive domain lists daily from custom filters

4. Amazing SEO Tools

SpamZilla has an amazing SEO tool kit, which includes the following:

Wayback Exporter that helps you easily download an entire website in HTML format Domain Availability Checker to quickly check available domains Enter more than 30,000 expired domains per job Spam Check your private domain list. Registrar Comparison to help you find the lowest domain price

5. Domains Supported

SpamZilla supports over 350,000 expired, auction, pending delete, and closeout domains from GoDaddy, NameJet, SnapNames, Auctions, PreRelease, Closeouts, Sedo, Dynadot, DropCatch, and Namesilo.

FAQs About SpamZilla

1. What is a good SpamZilla score?

A score of 20 and below is considered a “safe” SpamZilla score. From using it extensively, you’ll find that this score and your default setting for domain filtering is set at 20 and below.

While spammy domains may also have a below 20 score, the domains with a SpamZilla score of above 20 are considered clean.

2. How do I screen domains using SpamZilla?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of available expired domains to the ones with some link juice and are not completely spammed, it’s time to take a closer look at each domain.

So, you might want to do it by clicking on its SpamZilla score. Also, you can easily and quickly view domain backlinks and redirects, as well as domains with historical word count and drops.

3. How is SpamZilla different from DomCop?

When it first came out, DomCop was an excellent piece of software, and it was one of the first tools people used to filter auction and expired domains by using Ahrefs and Majestic.

However, the problem with DomCop is that the features came with the paid service, which means you still need to manually filter out expired or auctioned domains.

4. What cool features come with SpamZilla?

DomCop is not Ahrefs anymore. On the other hand, SpamZilla does have Ahrefs, and you can connect it to your Ahrefs account.

Also, SpamZilla displays domain drops count, or the number of times your prospect website expired, and DNS History. It’s useful when manually validating if a particular domain in question was used as a PBN.

Also, SpamZilla amazingly features historical snapshots from and, which DomCop doesn’t do. It comes with a WayBack Exporting tool, so downloading a website from is quick and easy.

5. Is SpamZilla worth the money?

If you’re serious about buying the best expired domain, you can’t go wrong with choosing SpamZilla because it’s a lot cheaper than its counterparts and does everything you can expect from a domain finder.

Also, SpamZilla constantly adds new features and works with a lot of auction domain companies.

6. Should I set bids or sights higher for auction domains in SpamZilla?

If you’re willing to spend money, you can always set your sights higher at SpamZilla for auction domains. The filters you can use include Trust Flow or TF of 2, Domain Rating or DR of 20, and SpamZilla or SZ Score of 0 to 20.

If you’re bidding on an auction domain, it’s best not to bid too early because it causes the price to increase quickly. Wait until the last five minutes to bid on auction domains to keep the competition low and allow you to grab one at a super low price.

7. Why should I set my expectations low with expired domains?

Keep low expectations when looking for good expired domains and set the following filters: Trust Flow or TF of 2, Domain Rating or DR of 20, and SpamZilla or SZ Score of 0 to 20.

While SpamZilla does an excellent job at filtering expired domains, always take a second look because expired domains are usually spammed. Pay close attention to domain snapshots and run it in Ahrefs to see if a domain is ranking for junk keywords, such as “Nike Air Max shoes”.


SpamZilla really does an excellent job when it comes to vetting expired domain names. This tool is easy to use and understand, not to mention the fact that it has flexible pricing options.

It provides loads of data from the best and the biggest SEO tools, like Moz and Ahrefs, which would cost an expensive amount of money when you buy individual subscriptions.

Because SpamZilla continuously adds new expired domains or updates their list to their database daily, searching for great expired domains is even easier.

If you’re really serious about buying the best expired domains, give SpamZilla a shot. Use the free version to test the water and pay for unlimited access to their massive database, which is worth your time, money, and effort.

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