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Best Parental Control Apps of 2023

Parental Control Apps

It is a good option that your kids are having their time online, but they can face other unwanted effects online – cyberbullying, too much screen time, watching weird stuff that is not suitable for them.

Kids do not have any knowledge of what to watch and what not to, thus they end up watching unwanted content. They also get into habits like gambling. Young and teenage girls are mostly affected as they face a lot of exploitation online.

It is important to control the screen time as it safeguards your kid’s health and happiness. Surveys mention that kids spend excessive hours a day on their devices that is not a healthy sign.

It affects their performance in studies and sleep patterns. Therefore, it is recommended that kids must use only 2 to 3 hours of screen time for change and entertainment.

Following are the features of the app to monitor your kid’s online activities

  • App downloads
  • Track your kid’s location
  • Monitoring their text and call timings
  • Other related activities

Importance of Parental Control Apps

Parental Control apps are vital to monitor your child’s phone usage. It offers healthy communication between parents and kids. Kids need to request access to the related apps and content they require. After using these apps, parents can relax that their kids are safe from any sort of undesirable digital or online activities.

The main criterion for parents is to look out for their kid’s online safety. Instead of taking their kid’s device, parents can use these controlling apps according to their requirements –

  • App blocker: These apps block the downloading of unwanted apps in the child’s device.
  • Text blocking: Limits messages, SMS access, and blocks texts to avoid distractions during homework and school schedule.
  • Downloading the apps: Parents can know what apps are liable for their kids.
  • Tracking the location: Track where your kids are the moment.
  • Porn Blockage: Blocking unwanted and adult contents that will destroy the child’s growing age.
  • Schedule time: Total screen time for the day or week can be scheduled.

Talk to your kids

Many parental control apps are available, but no app is that perfect and cannot come in-between you and your kids. Being a parent, you are concerned and therefore will set limitations but kids will not understand unless you do not converse or explain the purpose of setting these security apps.

It will be advisable to approach them honestly and explain the importance of digital safety and security. This conversation about parental control apps will increase the faith and belief between parents and their kids/teens.

Here, teenagers must be understood regarding their privacy concerns and thus be guided accordingly.

While limiting their kid’s screen time and monitoring other activities, parents must also encourage their kids to watch educational content, browse apps that will help them in their studies, etc. and later in their future.

There are various apps available that have different features and usage. Out of all, 5 best apps are being mentioned that will help you in getting more information about your kid and can also keep track of his whereabouts.

1. Qustodio App

Qustodio app is flexible regarding other parental apps. It has amazing features that mention parental controls on screen time, adult content and games. This app can also manage devices on many platforms. Qustodio blocks unwanted content and sets the time limit for the best android games and apps.

You can also visualize how much total time your child spends on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media management tools. The filter technology protects the kids from unsafe material, messages, and calls.

You can opt for Premium subscriptions for a year. Qustodio also offers every minute of your child’s online activities that will keep you updated and alerted. In case of any emergency, you can use the panic button.

This facility is available because you can also track your child’s location. Qustodio is available on the iPhone but lacks an Android version. It can keep the mentioned time control and monitor texts that make it liable for mobile too.

2. Mama Bear

Mama Bear has many features like location tracking, social media viewing, and being alert on various aspects for your kid. The most important and helpful feature is social media monitoring. Mama Bear helps in monitoring Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for uploading any photos or new tags.

Parents can easily know when any inappropriate language is posted in their kid’s profiles. This will also inform them if there is any case of bullying.

Along with these general options, you can also get notifications if your teen is over speeding the car driving limit. Mama Bear app will keep you alerted and informed about your child’s online activities. It can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone devices.

3. Screen Time

One of the favorite features of Screen Time – It allows parents to do instant pause on their kid’s device. Screen Time sets the daily time limit, helps the kids to complete their homework and also visualizes which app they are using more.

In this way, the kids can enjoy their childhood and concentrate on much better activities. Screen time also monitors their usage of screen time on their devices.

In this way, parents can also block games and other apps when it is dinner time or bed-time for kids. Instead, the kids can watch any educational stories that will keep them updated and they can have a sound sleep.

Screen Time app can be used in both Android and iPhone smartphones. Along with other features, it also allows you to invite any partner or any caretaker to manage your kid’s screen time. This can also be done with one account where a family’s screen time can be managed easily.

4. Respond Asap

It becomes extremely irritating when your kid is not responding to your calls, ignoring your text! Then you can use Respond Asap to freeze your kid’s phone and send an alarm to him. This activity will lead the child to contact you to unlock his device.

Instead of taking away his phone and bearing his tantrums, this parental app will help you in keeping a watch on your kid’s phone. Your kid can only make emergency calls while his phone is locked.

Respond Asap, will allow your kid to use limited screen time, spend time with your family and also answer your calls and text. This app can be used in Android devices.

5. Mobicip

This is a tracker app that controls your teen’s online activities. The online activities include online shopping, chat sites, dating, liquor, porn stuff, and even gambling. Mobicip blocks contents that are not appropriate for your teen child.

This helps in avoiding unwanted material that also includes weapons and violence. Many parents are worried about their kids whether a child or a teenager, as they privately watch contents that are not suitable for their age. Here, Mobicip comes to their help due to its features.

Using Mobicip, parents can be alerted if their kid or teenager is engrossed in any undesired activity. It is applicable in all types of devices and can be downloaded from the App store.


Many other Parental apps do help in monitoring the kids. It keeps the parents alerted and they know what their kid is watching or browsing.

Here, teenagers are generally bullied or get into cybercrime, adult stuff watching that must be avoided online. The usage of these parental control apps will certainly guide the kids to behave and act responsibly online.

Most of these apps work on the iPhone or iPad. Some work in all including Android. They can be downloaded from the Google store having a free version. Later on, you can pay according to their plans and usage facility.

Such related parental apps are available free and some are paid versions. There are various and multiple parental control apps that are available online. To know the authenticity and proper usage, parents need to research according to their needs.

These apps are used to keep your kids disciplined and have regular communication with parents. Controlling your kid’s screen time is not easy but for their safety, it is important and worth fighting for.

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