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What is Adobe Creative Cloud Express?

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

The editing softwares from Adobe are huge; Acrobat PDFs, Photoshop, Fonts, Adobe Reader, Stock Images and many others. Adobe offers powerful tools to create presentations, images, videos or whatever, but more for professionals.

For most of us, our design needs are rather basic. We end up using tools like Canva,, Crello, etc. Change, retouch and cut images! Now, Adobe has introduced a new tool to reach more audiences with the free tool Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

Do you want to create attractive and free designs? New Adobe Creative Express is a web and mobile application for editing images and videos with powerful, useful and free options.

Adobe Creative Cloud Express

Adobe Creative Cloud Express is a web and mobile application for graphic design. It is quick, simple and offers many powerful features for graphic design or creating videos and optimizing them.

In Adobe Creative Express users can create covers based on templates and digital images, infographics, retouch images, cut them, etc. 

For starters, there are a lot of templates with excellent quality  for image-based retouching, social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter) and video introductions.

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Free?

Well, there is a Creative Cloud free version, as well as a paid plan that includes design tools, thousands of templates, filters, effects, royalty-free Adobe Stock photos and Adobe Fonts, and different video options.

If your goal is to make a brochure, edit a digital image, or produce marketing assets, you don’t have to start from scratch – with Creative Cloud Express you have thousands of great templates, Adobe Stock images, fonts, and many more features that you can customize to make a story.

In the image editing options, apart from the typical filters, enhance, blur, cut, rotate, etc. there is background removal feature for images. 

Background removal is very useful for presentations, as well as to create geometries or different patterns that we can use. 

To create an online video, just go to the main menu> video> Name> With or without template and start editing, it’s that simple! You can add sound from the microphone, music, and also download without watermark.

You can create a video from scratch or using some default template. It also has the ability to retouch that video that you already have on your computer or mobile.

You no longer need to search for tools to cut a video, merge, resize, convert a video to Gif, change the speed or reverse it. You have everything for free.

Free users have access to 1 million images, thousands of templates, dozens of fonts, and 2GB of storage. If you want more, then you can unlock the premium features now with access to Premiere Rush, Adobe Photoshop Express, Adobe Spark Video and 100 GB of storage.

So, why are you waiting? Install Adobe Creative Cloud Express from Google Play store or App store and enjoy the new and powerful design/video editing features of Adobe Creative Cloud Express.

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