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11 Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps In 2022

Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps

Many of our favourite social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Engaging with audiences through visual content and brief, concise messages in chats with dozens of people is an absolute blast.

However, it can take a lot of manual time and effort to engage with audiences, grow your following, and get your Instagram account verified, but you can automate this process with the use of follower/unfollower apps on Instagram.

In this article we will discuss the best Instagram follower tracking apps to use to grow following in 2022.

Best Instagram Follower Tracking Apps

1. Follower Analyzer

Compatibility: Android

Main product focus: Unfollow Tracker

Price: $2-$5

The Follower Analyzer allows you to track who has unfollowed you on Instagram and who’s not following back.

It provides other basic features like tracking new followers as well as top video/post engagement.

Pros: The service is free, but offers a premium purchase option that allows multiple account sign-ins, unlimited profile analyzer, and ad removal.

Cons: The free option displays ads. Some users have been reporting crashes of the app due to a bug, but it appears to have been fixed.

2. Unfollow For Instagram +

Compatibility: Apple

Main product focus: Follower Tracking

Price: Free (with premium option)

Wondering who unfollowed you on Instagram? Unfollow For Instagram + allows you to track new unfollowers/followers that either don’t follow you, or who don’t follow you back.

Pros: This app is free and easy to use for tracking unfollowers. It also offers some analytics data that’s useful.

Cons: This app doesn’t provide insight into things like accounts that haven’t engaged with your content (ghost followers) and it can be buggy/glitchy.

3. Unfollow Users For Instagram

Compatibility: Android

Main product focus: Unfollow Tracker

Price: Free

Unfollow Users From Soft Team is a simple Instagram manager that shows what users don’t follow back on Instagram. You can also use this tool to unfollow multiple users at once.

Pros: Simple and easy to use for unfollowing other users.

Cons: Not much else functionality for this app outside of removing non-followers.

4. Unfollow For Instagram – Non Followers & Fans

Compatibility: Android

Main product focus: Unfollower Tracker

Price: Free; $8.49-$10 for Pro version

Another simple unfollow/follower tracker by Team Unfollow that allows you to unfollow unlimited users.

Pros: It’s free and a simple tool to use.

Cons: Users have reported app crashes and on the free version, ads are very obtrusive.

5. Jarvee

Compatibility: Desktop App

Main product focus: Instagram Follower Growth/Engagement

Price: Starting at $30/mo

This is my personal favorite social media growth tool. Like Ingramer, Jarvee is a powerful Instagram automation program that can perform thousands of tasks within a given day for your Instagram profile, such as liking posts, commenting, unfollowing/following, viewing stories and more.

Pros: Powerful tool that offers a lot of functionality. Can also use on multiple social channels, not just Instagram.

Cons: Can be pricey for some individuals. Learning curve to use the tool is steep.

6. FollowMeter For Instagram

Compatibility: Apple and Android

Main product focus: Unfollower Tracker

Price: Free (with pro options available at $2-$10/mo)

This is a powerful reports tracker that allows you to monitor follower growth, story views, post performance, as well as your other standard features that come with a Unfollower Tracker.

FollowMeter For Instagram provides additional insights into inactive accounts and what types of profiles are engaging the most with your brand.

Pros: Offers deeper analytics that can be useful for creating engaging content for the right audiences.

Cons: Have to pay to unlock a lot of the powerful functionality and data tracking of this tool.

7. Reports + Followers Analytics For Instagram

Compatibility: Android

Main product focus: Follower Analytics Tool

Price: $4/mo

The key features of this app include account analytics; tracking follower gains and losses over time; post engagement/performance; scheduling posts and more.

Pros: A lot of functionality in Reports + Followers Analytics For Instagram make it a good option beyond it being a simple unfollow/follow tool.

Cons: Users have complained of it causing Instagram to lockdown their accounts/change passwords frequently.

8. Iconosquare

Compatibility: Desktop App

Main product focus: Social Media Analytics/Reporting

Price: $29/Mo – comes with free 14 day trial

Iconosquare lets you view your Instagram metrics and identify how many followers you’ve gained and lost. It also offers bulk management for multiple accounts.

Pros: You can use this tool beyond Instagram. Competitive social planner, such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

Cons: Can be somewhat pricey at $29/mo.

9. Crowdfire

Compatibility: Apple

Main product focus: Social Media Management Tool

Price: Free, or $10/mo

Beyond serving as an unfollower app, Crowdfire is a social media manager that aims to grow a user’s organic following and manage all of their social accounts in one hub.

Pros: Offers several different features such as content discovery, analytics, auto-posting and more, such as Buffer and Hootsuite.

Cons: Free version is limited – better used as a paid option for full functionality.

10. Profile Chief Insta Insights

Compatibility: Android

Main product focus: Unfollow Tracker

Price: Free – paid app ranges from $5-$20/mo

At its core Profile Chief Insta Insights shows you followers/unfollowers, and allows you to mass unfollow your unfollowers. It also can find ghost followers and provide other insights.

Pros: Easy to use, free version functions well. Can upgrade to paid options to boost engagement/follows for your account.

Cons: Ads can be obtrusive. App can suffer from “cooldown” periods.

11. Followers+ Reports for IG

Compatibility: Android

Main product focus: Unfollow Tracker + Instagram Analytics

Price: Free

Followers+ Reports for Instagram is a tool that you can use to track your follows, unfollows, accounts that engage with your content the most, blockers, and much more.

Pros: Easy dashboard that you can use to view your Instagram account analytics. It can also allow you to schedule posts and provides more insights than other typical follower / unfollower apps.

Cons: Some users report it not working well with Instagram due to the strictness of Instagram’s API flagging it for bot activity.

Price: $23USD per year.

Should I Use A Follower Tracking App?

Before going ahead and using one of the follower apps, it’s important to know that there are some consequences and risks involved, which I’ll cover below.

What Are Authorized Instagram Apps?

Apps that are registered with Instagram through API integrations meet developer guidelines and are compliant with Instagram policies. These apps can be deemed safe, with Instagram scrutinizing API access registrations, and are strict with apps that aren’t compliant with these guidelines.

Are Follower Apps Unsafe?

Follower apps don’t have native access to Instagram’s data. By granting them access with your profile, they hack their way by storing your username and password, which allows them to carry out actions using your account that aren’t authorized, such as leaving comments on posts, or even selling your information online.

These apps don’t have quality server protection, opening themselves up to hackers that can steal your credentials with a server breach. This can open up access to your other social media profiles, or even your online banking, if you use the same passwords across accounts.

Does Instagram Allow Unfollow Apps?

Because of Instagram’s new policy, you technically aren’t allowed to use third party unfollower tracking apps, as they aren’t supported via Instagram’s dev guidelines.

Does Instagram Penalize For Unfollowing?

While the follow unfollow method used to be a popular strategy for generating followers on Instagram, it can get your account banned if used frequently, or if it replicates behaviour similar to follower apps.

Can You Buy Real Followers On Instagram?

The short answer is no. You can purchase thousands of followers for as little as $10, but you’re often purchasing bots or inactive accounts that will never engage with your content.

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