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Best Cross Browser Testing Tools For 2021

Cross Browser Testing Tools

Many Software testing companies have started offering cross-browser testing in recent times. With growing internet users, people of all kinds started using different browsers and operating systems to access the internet.

However, for online businesses, it is more than essential to optimize their Websites or Apps for multiple browsers, operating systems, and configurations

In this article, we will discuss the best cross-browser testing tools to help online businesses that are looking to optimize their Websites and Apps for multiple browsers and operating systems. Let’s get started.

Best Cross Browser Testing Tools

1. Ghost Lab

Ghost Lab is one of the best cross-browser testing tools for start-ups to test web and mobile apps with ease. The app version of the Ghost Lab is available both for Windows and macOS. Ghost Lab does not require any special configurations to set up.

The tool does not damage any local files while changing browsers. When debugging JavaScript the tool assists the developers and makes work easier.

2. Browsera

Browsera is one of the best cross-browser testing tools to identify layout issues with ease and locate JavaScript mistakes and errors. It is the only tool that is most liked by developers in recent years.

Using Browsera developers can test the entire page on a website at one go. To use Browsera tool developers do not have to install the software.

3. Browser Stack

Browser Stack allows developers to access more than 2000+ different configurations, browsers, and operating systems. Developers can run simulations at multiple levels and check the compatibility remotely. Since Browser Stack is hosted on the cloud, it is not necessary for users to download or install the tool.

4. Selenium Box

Selenium Box is also one of the best and completely secure enterprise-level cross-browser testing tools. It is scalable and intricately managed and is mostly used in financial, medical, and banking organizations.

When it comes to deployment, Selenium Box works just like a SaaS tool and is compatible with the in-house tools security levels.

5. Test Complete

Test Complete is one of the very few and best cross-browser testing tool that works both in real and simulated environments at the same time. With Test Complete developers can check and test cross-browser compatibility on every device that comes up in the market.

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