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11 Best Apps to Solve Math Word Problems

Apps to Solve Math Word Problems

Mathematics has always been regarded as a very important subject. After every invention by scientists and Mathematicians, the subject has established its position in every innovative and progressive sector. 

So till date, we try to give our best effort while learning this subject, however, chapters like geometry, arithmetic, trigonometry remain undone sometimes. 

Here we need the problem-solving math apps the most. You can spend your leisure time playing calculative games in the applications which are interesting besides being helpful. With Math apps, your confidence and knowledge will also increase day by day. 

Best Apps to Solve Math Word Problems

1. Photomath

  • Availability- Android / iOS
  • Cost- Free / Up to $9.99

Photomath has topped the list being the best app for solving math problems. This famous app allows its users to use their camera and show the problem, thus the app instantly solves the problems. 

The main key point of the app is that the app allows both handwritten and printed questions without the requirement of an internet connection. 

Users will be satisfied because the app supports more than thirty languages and solves a wide range of maths problems like basic maths, statistics, calculus, etc.  

2. Mathway

  • Availability- Android / iOS / Web
  • Cost- Free/ In-app purchase is  also available

Mathway is an AI-based app that not only solves your problems but also provides a comprehensive explanation for the answers. This app comes with a wide range of problem-solving like basic math to calculus, statistics to algebra, precalculus to chemistry or graphing, etc.

3. Cymath

  • Availability- Android / iOS
  • Cost- $4.99 per month

Cymath math is also one of the best math problem-solving apps available online that can answer in seconds using the smart calculator. Rather it provides step-to-step explanations for every question of complex numbers, equation solving, polynomial division. 

Its reference covers almost everything in algebra. Here you have to upload the question either by scanning the problem from your notebook or by creating a problem manually using the calculator. 

4. Brainly

  • Availability- Android / iOS
  • Cost- Free

Brainly is a very simple and convenient app with the biggest community online. Here you can upload a scanned photo of your problem or type that manually or even you can ask that aloud. 

You can use the app for completing your homework as the solution is provided with step by step solutions. Not only Mathematics but you can also ask science, geology, or botany questions on the platform. 

5. Qanda

  • Availability- Android / iOS

Qanda’s, the South-Korean app works with AI and helps you to solve questions from any section of trigonometry, algebra & calculus using the smart calculator. 

To upload your question you can scan and upload the particular question and just after uploading you will get web-searched resources like videos explaining the solution of the problem thoroughly. 

The good part is that the application supports many languages like Korean, English, Japanese, Spanish, etc. 

6. Microsoft Math Solver

  • Availability- Android / iOS
  • Cost- Free

Facing problems in the chapters of Algebra, pre algebra, trigonometry, calculus? Don’t worry Microsoft Math Solver is here to help you with any kind of mathematical problem. 

You can even take part in quizzes that the app offers to its users. It sounds so interesting! Isn’t it? And you can ask for the answer to any question in three formats that are scanning, typing, or drawing a diagram. 

This app supports a lot of languages like Russian, German, Hindi, and Spanish.

7. QuickMath

  • Availability-  Android / iOS /Web

QuickMath also covers a huge portion of mathematics from which you can get the solution to any question. It covers algebra, calculus, simple equations, percentage, and a lot more chapters. 

The app also works regardless of the levels of the questions, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a school student or college student, you can use the app. 

On the QuickMath website, you can type your question and get the answer to it thoroughly and neatly. Undoubtedly it’s a good app to give it a try. 

8. Khan Academy

  • Availability- Android / iOS
  • Cost- Free

Khan Academy is now quite a famous and familiar name for the learners of this generation. The application provides more than ten thousand videos and thirty-five thousand questions for the students at free of cost. 

Here you’ll find the solution to the problems related to the chapters of trigonometry, stats, algebra, etc. You can also take part in the quizzes available in the app. The best feature of the app is bookmarking which is pretty famous among students. 

9. Math Tricks

  • Availability- Android / iOS

Math Tricks comes with a lot of easy tricks to solve math problems so that you can speed up your calculations while solving maths. It’s one of the best educational apps in its zone. 

The students who are preparing for competitive exams can relate to this app as it helps you to speed up your calculation and solve problems more accurately and you can save your time and utilise them in attempting more sums. 

10. MalMath

  • Availability- Android
  • Cost- Free / In-app purchase is  also available

Malmath covers a wide range of math problems like algebra, trigonometry, logarithms, equations, integrals, derivatives, limits. Not only this but also the app provides a proper and understandable step-by-step explanation with every solution. 

The best thing about the app is that the app does not need any internet connection and is available in a variety of languages such as English, Japanese, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German, French, Russian, etc. 

11. GeoGebra

  • Availability- Android
  • Cost- Free

GeoGebra is eleventh on the list, however, it’s among the best apps in this field for students of the school, college. Specifically, this app is for geometry problems. 

So it is best for geometry, 3D, spreadsheets, graphing, computer algebra, etc. The interface is pretty simple and the app is easy to use. 


Above mentioned are the top 11 math problem-solving apps that are worth trying. Most of the apps not only give the solution of your desired question but also briefly explain each step of the solution. 

Whether you are a student, parent, or a teacher you can go for any of these apps without any hesitation and choose one according to your need. 

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