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Best Face Changing Apps of 2020

Face Changing Apps

In this world of smartphones there are applications for anything, from smart calculators to GPS navigation systems that tell us exactly where we are located.

Obviously there multiple apps that make people laugh with fun features. Today we will talk about the best face changing applications. These apps can change your face with your partner, your child or anyone else, having a moment of unbeatable fun.

1. Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the most popular face changing applications, it has a lot of functionalities that we can try to change our face in the most fun way and the best thing is that we can share our result with all our friends.

It has dozens of tools, filters, skins, tweaks, and more to make you look completely different. Spend hours of fun looking for the funniest style and share it with all your friends.

2. FaceApp

FaceApp, the app that went viral last year for transforming us into “old men”. The key to the success of FaceApp is that the results are amazing: they are very well done, and they go viral quickly because they are so funny.

FaceApp uses deepfake, a type of artificial intelligence that generates surprising results with resemblance to reality.

The app was created by the Russian Yaroslav Goncharov and uses neural networks to scan faces and apply different types of filters: make them older, younger, add different types of beards or change their gender. 

3. Face Swap

This wonderful face changer application will keep you laughing for a long time, as it contains various tools to make your photo edits very funny. You are going to love this app!

Face Swap offers the option to save and open photos from the gallery, the bomb effect (many people with a face), the possibility of exchanging faces with celebrities and more. All the edited images are completely realistic and, above all, very funny. Try it now!

4. Face Swap Booth

Without a doubt, Face Swap Booth is one of the best free face changing app available for both Android and iOS users. It has all the tools that make your photos look incredibly funny.

It has the ability to swap faces with your favorite celebrities, advanced editing tools, preloaded skin tones, the ability to mix and match facial features.

5. Multi Face Blender

App that is different from the others because it allows you to add more than one face at the same time, that is, the app mixes the different faces.

All you have to do is upload the photos you want to mix, then touch up a little to make the effect better, you can use the included eraser to correct certain parts and even adjust brightness, color, and saturation.

6. ZombieBooth

Application that is designed to give your face the features of a zombie, modifying your face and adding accessories such as helmets, masks, in the best Walking Dead style.

You can take a photo or work on an existing one, the app is quite intuitive and very easy to use to edit the photos, it shows a step by step process and the results are quite good.

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