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Best Android Launchers to Customize your SmartPhone

Best Android Launchers

Android Launchers helps in modifying the appearance of our Android system, giving new airs to our home, menus, and icons. And that’s why we all like android launchers so much. A good launcher changes everything.

To give an extra customization touch, Android Launchers are also useful to change the default icons that come with apps. These alternative icons have really cool designs and can be a good way to get a unique Android interface.

In this article, we will discuss the 7 best and most downloaded Android Launchers on Google Playstore that helps you to customize your android smartphone.

Best Android Launchers To Customize Your SmartPhone

1. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher is one of the best android launchers and is a safe bet for those who are looking for a beautiful and efficient launcher. It offers a home screen where we can insert widgets without depending on the typical grid format and a modular page system. 

It offers both free and premium versions. In the premium version, we can create our own categories and sort them by the time or most recent, etc.

2. Go Launcher

Go Launcher has more than 10,000 customizable themes, more than 25 screen animation effects, and 15 additional widgets.

It is the most downloaded android launcher right now on Google Playstore with more than 200 million! Go Launcher is for those people who like to play with the wallpaper and so on regularly.

3. Nova Launcher

Nova is one of the most popular launchers on the Google Play Store. It offers a great assortment of icons, themes, and configuration options to modify the home screen.

With Nova android launcher, we can organize our apps, widgets, create folders, and offers a cloud backup of our favorite configuration. 

Probably it is one of the best launchers that allow more customizations on Android. It has a 4.5 rating on Google Play and more than 10 million downloads.

4. Microsoft Launcher

In addition to the mobile versions of the excellent Office suite, Microsoft also has a great launcher that is executed really well. Microsoft Launcher offers a wide degree of customization, offers a news window, widgets section, customizable options for the dock, and much more. 

In addition to this, it also integrates very wisely with other Microsoft apps, such as Skype, Outlook, Wunderlist, and others. So Microsoft Launcher is best suitable for those who use these applications on a regular basis.

5. Action Launcher 3

Action Launcher 3 is a minimalist launcher with great design and a huge stack of functionalities. Some of the most notable features are the Shutters or blinds that allow users to preview an app without opening it. 

The Quickbar, a widget that allows users to add shortcuts to the classic Google search bar. Action launcher 3 offers various icons and different customizations to create a magnificent android configuration.

6. Apex Launcher

Apex is one of the best competitors of Nova Launcher. Practically both offer the same features unlimited themes, icons, and configuration options. 

If you are thinking of installing a new launcher and looking for the best Nova launcher alternative, maybe Apex also seems like a very good tool.

7. Blackberry Launcher

This launcher developed by Blackberry itself tries to capture the aroma of its classic operating system, emulating the appearance and typical functionalities of the system with some other interesting innovations.

For example, the Blackberry Hub, where we can comfortably access all the communication tools for our smartphone. On the other hand, it also offers sliding widgets, which appear when we slide our finger over an app icon.

Above mentioned are some of the best Android Launchers to customize your smartPhone. Let us know your favourite Android Launcher in the comment section.

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