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Top 7 Best Meeting Scheduler Apps to Use in 2022

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For any business organisation, a key challenge is to get their customers to commit to a fixed appointment time. But often this does not happen since a customer has not made a single appointment.

In addition, a customer may choose to have other appointments with other companies as per their requirement. So they might forget about this meeting specifically since they have quite a few on their plate. 

By using automatic meeting scheduler software, your business can improve its customer engagement rate and can also increase the return on investment.

In this article we will discuss the 7 best meeting scheduler apps to use in 2022. Let us get started

Best Meeting Scheduler Apps

1. Calendly:

Calendly is a popular scheduling app that integrates directly with Google Calendar and Microsoft Office 365. It has a reasonably simple and easy to navigate user interface and also allows you to request meetings according to your availability.

Also, if you use an integrated software tool, you would be delighted to know that Calendly natively supports integration. Calendly also works with other apps like Mailchimp, Salesforce, Slack, etc. You can send your customers automatic reminders and also customise them.

Customisation options include uploading a pre-meeting questionnaire, attaching documents or indicating types of meetings and many other highly useful functions.

2. GReminders:

GReminders is an online appointment scheduling software that integrates well enough with your existing website and social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.

You can also use its Application Protocol Interface (API) tools, booth rental management, call reminders, capacity management, contact database and details concerning customer history.

You can also ask for appointment follow-ups and reviews and reschedule the existing customers’ existing appointments, all in one place.

3. uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to learn about your organisation’s scheduling habits, and it also integrates with multiple business tools.

Suppose you were searching for a meeting scheduler that can integrate well enough with multiple business tools and even provide analytics tools to help you better understand the rationale behind reminding a customer.

For example- suppose you reminded a customer like five times for an appointment, but despite that, they have neither responded nor shown up. So you should, in probability, stop sending any more texts to that customer. 

Calendar gets smarter over time, and it can also track things like your habits and preferences. For example- suppose you prefer all your appointments to be done at the beginning of the week, so it will suggest you make appointments either on Monday or Tuesday.

You can also use the custom URL generator available on their website to send participants their desired availability details.

4. CalendarHero:

CalendarHero is one of the most customisable meeting scheduling apps out there. With it, you can customise your meetings by including subtle but important details like location, video meet link, appointment durations, appointment nature, etc.

Like Calendly, this too works well with Integratedly. You can also use the meeting briefing data gathered by this app to include it in your CRM software. CalendarHero can also fix appointment meet requests when your day becomes fully booked.

5. Rally:

Rally is an excellent choice for businesses on a tight budget but need truly amazing scheduling software. Rally is entirely free, and it also has a unique polling program wherein users like you are others can vote on available dates to host any particular event.

One of Rally’s biggest privacy safeguard mechanisms is that only the meeting host needs to share their email address. So you don’t need to use multiple email addresses for multiple members of your team. 

6. ScheduleOnce:

Schedule once is an excellent meeting scheduler software which works best for the present work for the home situation. It can automatically understand and interpret different time zones and hence automatically plan more efficient meetings.

Like Calendly, this too has integrated into its software. If you are a small team, then you can use its free version, wherein up to 25 users are supported. It can also be directly integrated with other video conferencing software like Zoom, Google meet, and others.

7. When2meet:

Just as the name suggests, this meeting scheduling software allows you to figure out the best date and time to meet. It does not require you to share your email address, nor does it ask you to sign up.

This is a simple and easy to use meeting scheduler and nothing more. It does not have any fancy features and does what it was intended to do.

The above mentioned are the 7 best meeting scheduler apps to use in 2022. Let us know your favourite meeting scheduler app in the comment section.

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