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What is IPTV? Everything You Need to Know

What is IPTV

IPTV or internet protocol television is the new generation of television that offer regular television channels and other video content through the internet.

One does not need the conventional cable connection or D2H dish anymore to view their favourite channel. The internet connection, whether it be wifi or broadband, can serve the purpose effectively.

IPTV streaming requires internet connectivity and a set-top box, usually provided by the service provider itself. Nowadays the demand for IPTV is increasing, and people are also loving the IPTV features.

IPTV is different from OTT platforms; In OTT, users must download the OTT platforms on the device and then use the internet to stream the content available in their directory. Although OTT apps can also offer TV channels, this is not the primary purpose of these platforms, unlike IPTV setup.

Does IPTV Have A Timely Subscription

Yes, IPTV also comes with subscription plans from service providers. IPTV setups usually offer all traditional TV channels, and besides that, users also get a Video-on-demand facility. 

There will be monthly plans, yearly plans, etc just like cable connections. The most attractive feature is pay-per-view, in which users don’t need any advance subscription, but need to pay for the content that they watch.

In IPTV subscription plans users can also choose the programs or channels that they wish to watch and pay accordingly. 

What is Video-On-Demand Service in IPTV?

Video-on-demand or VOD is a service through which users can request any particular content on their systems, like any movie or show.

VOD service also costs some extra money, but it is worth it. IPTV content does not require any downloading, but rather, it is directly streamed from a central unit where the content is stored for delivery.

There are many other services with an IPTV subscription, like Time-shifted content, which lets subscribers watch any live event that they might have missed. Or TVoD, which means TV-on-demand provides recorded TV channels to subscribers to view later as per convenience.

Satellite-Based Transmission for Fast and Reliable Distribution

Although the IPTV setup works fine with the usual internet connection, sometimes it may not be fast. This is common in rural areas or countryside households. 

Hence, to provide fast and reliable services to such places, satellite transmission is used. Like a D2H dish, IPTV also uses satellite transmission. In many cases, it gives faster streaming than broadband connection because satellite communication itself is quick.

Hybrid IPTV set-top boxes are a newcomer in the market. Along with TV channels and VOD service, they also offer other features like video-telephony, e-shopping, remote surveillance, etc.

Hybrid IPTV setups have many advantages over others as the integrated television and IP based services are provided in the same connection. 

Is IPTV Economical?

Choosing IPTV saves the connection cost, that includes the cost of cable and the Dish setup, which is very expensive.

IPTV streaming only requires a fast internet connection, which is much cheaper than the dish connection. Opting for a higher bandwidth plan over your regular internet plan is not that expensive.

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