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5 Things You Didn’t Know About YouTube

Watching Youtube

If you’re an avid social media user, you might have come across YouTube. It’s a video-sharing site that allows people to share and watch clips. However, besides its standard functions, YouTube has various features you may not know about. Read this article to learn more.

1. You Can Download Videos

YouTube is an online platform that commonly requires an internet connection to load. If your gadget isn’t connected, you can’t search and view videos using the application. But thanks to YouTube’s features, there’s now more than one way you can enjoy your favorite clips.   

For instance, if you don’t have unlimited access to the internet, you can download videos so you can save and watch them later instead. There are also YouTube video downloader platforms you can use to keep an MP4 file of a video uploaded online and save them to your gallery.

One advantage of using a video downloader is preserving any file’s original video quality. You can change the settings depending on the dimensions you prefer. Keep in mind that the quality and length of the video will affect its size. So, it may be good to know where you’ll use the clip before downloading it.

For example, if you need to use some YouTube clips to edit a video, it’s advisable to use a high-definition copy. It would allow you to keep the clear visuals of the video even after editing.

2. It Has Billions Of Users

Nowadays, various social media platforms are popular among many people. For instance, approximately 2 billion people use YouTube to view and share multimedia content.

It means there are many opportunities you can explore while browsing the platform. For example, brands and individuals utilize it to promote or share relevant content like marketing campaigns.

If you wish to grow your brand, you can launch your channel and upload videos that connect with your target audience. It can help increase your visibility and potentially become a stream of income. You can also use YouTube to watch other video creators with content you like.

Overall, you can interact with many YouTubers and viewers as the platform is well-known and accessible worldwide.   

3. You Can Edit Uploaded Videos

If you’re a content creator, you should know that you can edit your videos without needing to take them down. After all, the traffic your video has may be put to waste if you suddenly remove it from your channel due to an editing mistake.

Fortunately, YouTube’s creator studio has a feature that allows you to make video modifications while your upload is active. You can cut or add clips you missed during the editing stage without affecting your views.   

You can also use the editing function to change the music if some of your video sounds have copyright strikes. Take note that if you wish to earn money on YouTube, it’s helpful to avoid a copyright claim.

If your content has sounds from another artist, your video may not be qualified for monetization.   

4. You Can Block Advertisements

Many brands use YouTube to promote their products and services through advertisement videos. It’s an effective way to target their audience, mainly since many people use the platform often.

However, for users, seeing ads pop up while watching may be unpleasant since it interrupts their experience.

Although you can get rid of these annoying ads if you subscribe to YouTube’s premium program, it still costs you a penny. Luckily, you can find some adblockers which you can install as an extension to your browser.

You can use a YouTube adblocker application if you’re one of those who wish to avoid seeing advertisements while on the platform. It can prevent unwanted videos from popping up while browsing videos on YouTube. Consider this if you want an uninterrupted YouTube viewing experience.

5. You Can Stream Videos

Another YouTube function you may not know about is its live streaming feature. Nowadays, you can watch live videos from content creators as they stream them.

For instance, you can watch a gamer’s video while they’re playing an online game. You can interact with them and chat with other users who view the live stream.   

This YouTube feature allows various users to interact in real-time. If you wish to talk to your audience, you can host live stream sessions on your channel. It’s a great strategy to reach out to your audience and know more about their viewing preferences.   

Additionally, you can automatically upload your live stream video on your channel once it ends. It means you can keep the recording of your stream and upload it on your page.   

Final Thoughts

YouTube is undeniably a well-known platform used by many people. It has various functions that are entertaining and engaging.

If you wish to utilize the application, it may be helpful to know some things about it. For instance, you may be able to produce better content if you know how to download or edit videos using the platform.

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