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15 Best YouTube Ad Blockers in 2022


Youtube is the leading video streaming site filled with uncountable top-quality content to enjoy. However, one of the biggest problems that users face while using YouTube is the relentless pre-roll ads on nearly each and every video.

Some videos might even have ads that are unskippable, and some others might have two ads back to back. It is a pain in the neck when you try to watch a video but have to wait for 30 seconds because two unskippable ads have popped up.

This is where the Ad Blockers come into play. Ad Blockers can save a lot of time as well as improve the experience of surfing YouTube. Below mentioned are the top 15 Ad Blockers for YouTube in 2022.

Best YouTube Ad Blockers

1.  AdGuard

AdGuard is a top-quality subscription-based ad blocked for YouTube. It is highly customizable and provides you with options for tracker blocking, ad blocking, and content control.

The cherry on the top is its parental control feature which can be used to restrict adult content. AdGuard also conceals the empty spaces left after blocking the ad with the help of cosmetic page processing. It can also be used as a VPN browser extension

2.  Adblock Plus

This is the best option in the market for filtering malware and blocking ads. It is a Firefox Youtube ad blocker than can be installed as a web browser extension in almost all major browsers.

An interesting feature of AdBlock is that it blocks out unnecessary ads while allowing appropriate advertisements to support the websites. It is free to use and very easy to set up. The filter can also be customized to whitelist sites.

3.  StopAd

As the name suggests, StopAd blocks out all kinds of ads from your device while you watch your favorite content on YouTube. StopAd runs on macOS, iOS as well as Android gadgets.

A 3-tier approach is used by StopAd to block all advertisements efficiently. It first blocks the advertisement URLs, then it scans the CSS code, and finally filters the HTML code. It has an integrated web defense function to protect you from identity theft, phishing, and fraud.

4.  Luna

Luna is a very efficient ad blocker for YouTube on mobile devices, both Android, and iOS. Luna helps optimize data usage by blocking invasive ads. Luna doesn’t only block YouTube ads but can also be used on TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat, and more.

5.  AdBlocker for YouTube

AdBlocker for YouTube is the best solution to block all kinds of ads, pop-ups, flash banners, malware, etc. on YouTube.

AdBlocker for Youtube works as a Google Chrome browser extension. The speed of the browser is also increased when using this as it stops unnecessary ads on YouTube in Chrome

6.  AdLock

AdLock is a very efficient ad blocker for YouTube. Even though it is an ad blocker for Safari, it can also be used as an extension in Chrome.

It also works on other sites apart from Youtube. Internet bugs and malware can also be blocked using this software thus AdLock helps secure your data and makes your internet experience pleasant.

7.  AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is the go-to solution to protect your privacy and avoid threats that run across Windows, Android, and iOS. It is one of the best YouTube AdBlocker for iPhone. However, it can also be used as a browser extension on any PC.

Pop-ups, display ads, and video commercials are all blocked by this software. You can also set up a whitelist of the websites you trust.

8.  Total Adblock

Total Adblock helps you to instantly eliminate unwanted ads and notifications from your browser. It is an adblocker that runs on Chrome.

It is very easy to set up and within a few simple clicks, you’re able to remove ads, unwanted notifications, and trackers from the Chrome browser.

The signature feature of this adblocker is, however, the award-winning antivirus that it brings along for all-around protection. It is available as an extension for almost all the major browsers

9.  Ghostery

Ghostery is an Adblocker for Mozilla Firefox that removes advertisements from all kinds of web pages. It is a powerful YouTube adblocker as well.

It removes all the clutter from the web pages and thus reduces the loading time in total thus saving a lot of precious time.

This tool makes your browsing experience more enriching and immersive by removing all unwanted ads, malware, and other harmful elements. It also features an AI-powered filter that intelligently blocks all harmful elements of a web page.

10.  AdBlock Stick

AdBlock Stick is a very unique type of ad blocker, in the sense that it is hardware and not software. It comes in a USB stick that supports windows 7 and above. It looks like a USB stick however its function is to block ads, viruses, and malware.

It is plug-and-play hardware, it installs all the required drivers automatically and when plugged in boosts your connection speed by 40% by removing ads and malware. It can be used on multiple devices and is one of the most unique solutions to block advertisements

11.  uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a Firefox adblocker. But its advantage is that it works across a variety of browsers and doesn’t only work for YouTube, but blocks a wide spectrum of content. It is an open-source browser extension and comes with an out-of-the-box approach to blocking advertisements.

It has some pre-loaded lists which are enforced by default. This software blocks ads, trackers, and malware. Java Scripts can also be blocked by a simple click

12.  Fair AdBlocker

Developed by Stands, Fair AdBlocker is a Chrome Plugin for fast and light ad-blocking. It blocks ads and pop-ups and also protects the browser from the tracker. The ads that need to be blocked can be controlled.

Video ads, YouTube ads, expanding ads, flash banners, Facebook ads, and everything in between can be blocked using this software. A whitelist can also be created to allow certain websites through the ad blocker.

13.  Clario

Clario is software used to block annoying ads on YouTube on macOS. It also protects the Mac from unsafe websites. It is a one-stop solution to safe, secure, and ad-free browsing.

It is available as a browser extension for Chrome and Safari. It is very easy to set up and decreases the loading time of web pages.

14.  Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher is one of the oldest and most elite software in the ad blocker field. It was launched in 1999. It can be downloaded and it instantly starts blocking ads, pop-ups, and malware on almost all kinds of websites and browsers. It also has plenty of customization options.

15.  Video AdBlocker Plus

Video AdBlocker plus is easily the best app for blocking any kind of video app and avoiding adult content anywhere on the internet.

It is a chrome extension that blocks all kinds of video ads including the ones on YouTube. It also blocks out any kind of adult content that might pop up on the web, thus offering a safe work environment.


Thus we come to the end of our article. We hope this article could solve all your ad-blocking-related doubts. Share this with your friends if you found this helpful and have a great day.

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