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11 Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

Live wallpapers continued to become popular since the year 2015 & the main reason for this is that live-photo wallpapers bring life back to the dull and boring normal iPhone screen.

In the early days, Apple used to have a 3D touch mechanism that could trigger a movement through them by using the touch. However, now you can experience your wallpaper’s live-streamed design without touching your home screen.

So if you’re considering customizing your iPhone’s wallpaper, twisting it, and wondering how to make live wallpaper on your iPhone we’ve got you covered.

In this article we will discuss the 11 best live wallpaper apps for iPhone.

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone

1. Live Wallpaper 4K

Live Wallpaper 4K is the most popular Live Wallpaper applications for iPhone for stunning live wallpapers in 4K. The app has a variety of wallpapers, from wildlife to nature to inspirational quotes.

The app has different themes, making it simple to find an image you like. It also comes with a professional version available for $24.99 per year, which removes ads and introduces a wide variety of wallpapers. 

2. Live Wallpaper Maker

In live wallpaper applications, we look for hundreds and thousands of choices and different functions. In this regard, Live Wallpapers Maker is a five-in-one application that allows you to perform different fun activities.

It not only offers an amazing collection of motion and static wallpapers, but many people also use the app as a keyboard program and a widget. Additionally, it lets users personalize each wallpaper in the way they want it.

3. Icon Skins & Themes

The icon Skins & Themes app comes with several unique wallpapers that are well-categorized. The user interface is attractive and very easy to navigate and all images in the app are of high resolution.

The icon Skins & Themes app is for wallpaper lovers who are awed by wrapping their phones in a colourful and distinctive design. You will find the finest options to customize your iPhone within this application.

4. Black Lite – Live Wallpapers

Black Lite – Live Wallpapers is an excellent choice for the most recent iPhone users as it’s compatible with iPhone XS Max, iPhone X, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone XS, iPhone 12 Pro, and the latest iPhone 13 series.

This app comes with black wallpapers that move in the middle, with one specific moving gem. Additionally, the app also has a paid version for more advanced features.

5. Wallpapers & Themes for Me

“Wallpapers and Themes for me” app is one of the most well-known Live Wallpaper apps available for iPhone users. It offers a variety of gorgeous live and regular wallpapers not just for iPhone’s but also for iPad’s and Apple Watches.

The app has 10 categories with different wallpapers including Animals, Abstract, Nature Cities, Sci-Fi, and many more. The app also has different sections to download New or Popular wallpapers.

6. Live Wallpapers Forever

Live Wallpapers Forever comes to be next on our list and is one of the best live wallpaper apps for the iPhone. It offers a wide selection that allows you to select from a variety of extravagant colourful, flashy as well as muted wallpapers at no cost.

It also has different categories where you can choose your favourite wallpaper based on your preference. Live Wallpapers Forever features the most well-known, abstract, trendy animals, and many more.

7. WOW Pixel

‘WOW Pixel’ is one of the most well-known Live Wallpaper Apps for retro wallpapers. The app includes story arcs that feature various characters from the 8-bit era.

The app has Live Wallpapers with various emotions, including happy, sad, angry, and many more. WOW Pixel is compatible with iPhone 6S and above models. WOW Pixel is also the most popular Live Wallpaper Apps for your iPhone.

8. Kappbooom

Kappboom is also the best wallpaper application for iOS. You can find interesting facts along with famous quotes, and drink recipes.

It is also possible to create collages and edit images within the application. The app has more than 250,000 wallpapers and all iPhone wallpapers are of high-definition. The Kappboom image search function helps you in searching images online.

9. Live Wallpapers & HD Themes

Live Wallpapers and HD Themes is a fantastic live wallpaper application that offers a wide range of live wallpapers.

The majority of the wallpapers available on this site are exclusively available in this application so you can’t get these wallpapers anywhere else.

You can access exclusive wallpapers that are categorized as abstract, natural,space, and religion, etc.

10. Wallpapers Central

Wallpapers Central app offers an exclusive selection of live wallpapers along with HD wallpapers designed for iPhone users. The live design wallpapers are exclusively available for each iPhone model.

In addition, Wallpaper Central allows users to download a free wallpaper for every 24 hours.

11. Theme Live – Wallpaper & Maker

Theme Live – wallpaper and Maker app allows you to transform any videos that you have in your storage into live-streamed wallpapers. You can transform any video clip into live wallpaper to enhance your mood.

In addition to the artistic aspect, this application offers users a fantastic collection of live wallpapers to choose. There are multiple categories available such as the flora and fauna, natural, urban, and 3D-moving wallpapers.


Hope your search to find the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone ends here. We have listed the top 11 apps considering the needs of an apple user & we hope this article has helped you in finding the best live wallpaper app according to your needs.

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