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Top 15 Best Smartphone Brands In The World

Best Smartphone Brands

Smartphones are the most used devices in the world today. There has been enormous progress in the mobile phone industry. The growth of the mobile industry has been amazing and is an astonishing accomplishment for the industry.

There are a variety of brands available in the market, prompting a growing competition within the mobile phone market. Since everyone wants a phone that has the best features for the best price, a lot of people are confused since there are so many brands available. Due to this, Smartphone brands face stiff competition in their field. In this article we will let you know the top 15 smartphone brands in the world.

Best Smartphone Brands In The World


Since the iPhone changed versatile innovation in 2007, Apple have been prestigious for top calibre, though costly, smartphones. There isn’t significantly more space for development in the United States, where the iPhone compensated for a faltering 65% of smartphone shipments in Q4 of 2020.

  • Brand Country- United States
  • Rating- 9.9
  • Net Worth- $2 Trillion
  • Founded- 1976
  • Founder- Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak
  • Headquarter- 1 Apple Park Way Cupertino, US
  • CEO- Tim Cook
  • Annual Production- 217.72 Million
  • Annual Sales- More Than 217 Million units


Samsung has overwhelmed worldwide piece of the pie for each quarter in the recent three years and also figured out how to find some kind of harmony among quality and affordability. 

  • Brand Country- South Korea
  • Rating- 9.9
  • Net Worth- $520 Billion
  • Founded- 1969
  • Founder- Lee Byung-chul
  • Headquarter- Samsung Digital City, South Korea.
  • CEO- Kim Ki-nam, Kim Hyun-suk and Koh Dong-jin.
  • Annual Production- 394 million units
  • Annual Sales- 321.2 million units


Claiming the Android working framework, Google is probably the greatest organization worldwide that additionally delivers smartphones. The most recent smartphones are upheld by refreshed processors that guarantee superfast execution. Besides, the Android working framework upgrades the exhibition of the smartphones.

  • Brand Country- United States
  • Rating- 9.8
  • Net Worth- $320 Billion 
  • Launched2013
  • Founder- Google LLC
  • Headquarter- Mountain View, US
  • CEO- Sundar Pichai
  • Annual Production- 10 million units 
  • Annual Sales- 9.5+ million units


One more renowned versatile brand in India is OnePlus. It makes flawless smartphones with extraordinary inbuilt advancements. Alongside the best cameras, OnePlus smartphones have the best processor with lightning-quick speed. In addition, the Android ten is abandoned way by the OnePlus 7T variations.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 9.7
  • Net Worth- $1.5 Billion
  • Founded- 16th December, 2013
  • Founder- Carl Pei and Pete Lau
  • Headquarter- Shenzhen, China
  • CEO- Pete Lau
  • Annual Production- 7.5 Million units
  • Annual Sales- 7+ Million Units


The last and most renowned Chinese smartphone producer on this rundown, Huawei were really unfathomable in the west for the vast majority of their 33-year presence. Their overall piece of the pie has developed from 3 – 8% in the course of the most recent nine years, while its worldwide commodities dramatically increased somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2019.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 9.7
  • Net Worth- $70.50 Billion
  • Founded- 15th September, 1987
  • Founder- Ren Zhengfei
  • Headquarter- Shenzhen, China
  • CEO- Ren Zhengfei
  • Annual Production- 200 million units
  • Annual Sales- 107.13+ billion


Xiaomi immediately rose to noticeable quality toward the beginning of the last ten years prior to turning into the greatest smartphone producer in China in 2014, four years after its initiation. From that point forward, Xiaomi has fallen behind Vivo and OPPO to have the joint-third most deals in its own country.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 9.6
  • Net Worth- $51 Billion
  • Founded- 6th April, 2010
  • Headquarter- Beijing, China
  • CEO- Lei Jun
  • Annual Production- 206 Million units
  • Annual Sales- 119 Billion units


Oppo is the seventh maker on this rundown. While it has fared well all of the time among its homegrown rivals at home, it has developed dramatically throughout the most recent six years around the world. It currently possesses 10.8% of the overall market, up from 2.2% back in 2015.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 9.5
  • Net Worth- $456 Million
  • Founded- 2004
  • Founder- Tony Chen
  • Headquarter- Dongguan, China
  • CEO- Tony Chen
  • Annual Production- 29.8 Million units 
  • Annual Shipment- 38 Million units


Vivo are somewhat new on the smartphone market, having been established only 12 years prior. In India – where Vivo is notable through its sponsorship of the Indian Premier League – it is the third-greatest smartphone producer behind Xiaomi and Samsung, with a portion of the overall industry of around 16%.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 9.4
  • Net Worth- $500 Million
  • Founded- 2009
  • Founder- Shen Wei and Duan Yongping
  • Headquarter- Dongguan, China
  • CEO- Shen Wei
  • Annual Production- 50 Million units
  • Annual Sales- 46 Million units


How might you fail to remember a name like Sony in this line-up? The Xperia series gadgets are simply authoritative achievement in the smartphone field. Indeed, even the top makers don’t set out to challenge its camera sensor.

  • Brand Country- Japan
  • Rating- 9.3
  • Net Worth- $95 Billion
  • Founded- 7th May, 1946
  • Founder- Akio Morita, Masaru Ibuka
  • Headquarter- Tokyo, Japan
  • CEO- Kenichiro Yoshida
  • Annual Production- 7 Million units 
  • Annual Sales- 6.5 Million units

10. ASUS

On the off chance that you’re involving a PC in everyday schedule, most likely it comprises of a motherboard that is made by ASUS in light of the fact that ASUS observes the main situation in motherboard creation. This highest equipment making organization offers android smartphones with numerous exceptional elements, sensors, performing frameworks, shows, and so forth.

  • Brand Country- Taiwan
  • Rating- 9.2
  • Net Worth- $5.90 Billion
  • Founded- 1989
  • Founder- T. H. Tung, M. T. Liao, Wayne Hsieh, Ted Hsu
  • Headquarter- Taipei, Taiwan
  • CEO- Samson Hu, S. Y. Hsu
  • Annual Production- 40 Million units
  • Annual Sales- 32 Million units


Realme is as of now one of India’s driving brands that produce smartphones with the best elements and determinations. Besides, the most recent Realme smartphones are upheld by the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, upgrading the smartphone’s general exhibition.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 8.4
  • Net Worth- $50 Million
  • Founded- 4th May 2018
  • Founder- Sky Li
  • Headquarter- Beijing, China
  • CEO- Madhav Sheth
  • Annual Shipment- 35 Million units


After sufficient execution in last monetary quarter, the Finnish maker has all around got its place in this line-up. Apparently, the NOKIA has seen nine percent development in last business quarter, which very much paired the assumptions for experts.

  • Brand Country- Finland
  • Rating- 8.2
  • Net Worth- $32.51 Billion
  • Founded- 12th May, 1865
  • Founder- Fredrik Idestam, Eduard Polon, Leo Mechelin
  • Headquarter- Espoo, Finland
  • CEO- Pekka Lundmark
  • Annual Production- Approx. 18 Million Units
  • Annual Sales- Approx. 15 Million Units

13. LG

LG’s incorporation at 13 on this rundown might come as a shock, as it was declared in April 2021 that the organization were shutting their portable division following six years of misfortunes. But they actually transported 55 million smartphone units last year.

  • Brand Country- South Korea
  • Rating- 8.4
  • Net Worth- $26 Billion
  • Founded- October 1958
  • Founder- Koo in-Hwoi
  • Headquarter- Seoul, South Korea
  • CEO- Kwon Bong-seok
  • Annual Production- 5 Million units 
  • Annual Sales- $5.23 Billion

14. ZTE

ZTE are the first of numerous Chinese producers to make this rundown. The somewhat state-claimed organization falls behind a considerable lot of its homegrown rivals at home yet collects a 10% portion of the overall industry all around the world.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 8.3
  • Net Worth- $16.90 billion
  • Founded- 1985
  • Founder- Hou Weigui
  • Headquarter- Guangdong, China
  • CEO- Yin Yimin
  • Annual Production- 45 Million units 
  • Annual Sales- 40 Million units


Tecno is a brand that produces reasonable and tough mobiles with good highlights and determinations. The most recent Tecno smartphones accompany AI cameras to click astounding pictures even around evening time with the Night Mode highlight and upheld by HELIO GSS Processor, giving superfast and smooth execution.

  • Brand Country- China
  • Rating- 8.5 
  • Net Worth- $4 Billion
  • Founded- 2006
  • Founder- George Zhu
  • Headquarter- Shenzhen, China
  • CEO- George Zhu
  • Revenues: $1 Billion (2020)

The above mentioned are the top 15 Smartphones in the world. Let us know your favourite Smartphone brand and what what mobile you are using in the comment section.

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