Top 20 Most Valuable Car Companies in the World

Valuable Car Companies

Every car fanatic all over the world loves to read about the flourishing automobile market now and then. While the Covid-19 pandemic hit this industry hard, the car-manufacturing proponents have been able to recover most of their assets and bring out new car models in 2022.

You might be fascinated with the car models, their pick-up speed, mileage, etc. But have you ever wondered about the amazing brands which work day and night behind the scenes to bring these car lineups to you?

Car companies in major countries like the USA, Germany, and Japan, are always in perpetual competition with each other and that brings out the best in them.

Today, we have compiled a list of the 20 most valuable car brands in the world. So, without any beating about the bush, let’s dive right in! 

Most Valuable Car Companies In The World

1. Toyota

Net value: $59.47 Billion

Headquarters: Toyota City, Aichi, Japan

Toyota is one of the market leaders in the automobile industry. Their valuation of the Japanese auto Mogul in the fiscal year of 2021 is a whopping 59.47 billion USD. This is a pleasant jump from 58.07 billion dollars recorded in the previous year with a billion dollars of profit even in the pandemic-stricken market.

Toyota’s sales have been on the rise due to their amazing line-up of both affordable cars. They have managed to topple luxury carmaker Mercedes in the race to the top.

2. Mercedes Benz

Net value: $58.2 Billion

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

The Stuttgart car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is a class apart from all other brands because of their multi-faceted company branches. They have invested in making expensive cars and also in the racing business such as Formula 1.

Mercedes-Benz partnered with AMG Patronus to launch their lightning-speed cars in the F1 race to the top. Their team is the costliest among all F1 teams and they have a streak of nine consecutive years as the F1 Championship winners. Mercedes Benz has 93 factories in 17 countries across 4 different continents.

3. Volkswagen 

Net value: $47.02 Billion

Headquarters: Wolfsburg, Germany

In 2020, Volkswagen came third in the race of car-manufacturing brands and they have managed to retain that rank this year too. But their rise from the damages of last year is very impressive. They have enjoyed a profit of about 2 billion dollars compared to last year.

Their most-sold model, of course, is the internationally renowned and iconic Volkswagen Beetle. Besides this, Volkswagen has both passenger car manufacturing and commercial car manufacturing on their roster. 

4. BMW

Net value: $40.44 Billion

Headquarters: Munich, Germany

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, popularly known as BMW, is a German car manufacturer. It made it to the fourth place in the car brands list of 2020 and has retained the same position for 2021 as well. However, BMW has suffered a marginal loss in its numbers ($0.04 Billion) when its profits are compared to last year’s margins.

As a premium car manufacturer, BMW has also ventured into other businesses since its commencement in 1916. It has about 31 production units and assembly units all over the world with a sales network in 140 countries. 

5. Porsche

Net value: $34.32 Billion

Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

In the 5th spot on this list of top 20 most valuable car brands in the world, comes another car manufacturer from Stuttgart, Germany–Porsche.

Volkswagen-owned Porsche is a huge brand with a premium lineup of best-in-class cars that are fashionable and deliver good performance too. Porsche has enjoyed a borderline profit in 2021 and that has made it retain the fifth spot on this list. 

6. Tesla

Net value: $31.98 Billion

Headquarters: California, USA

Tesla owes its eccentric CEO Elon Musk for all of its brand marketing aspects. The South-African-born SpaceX head has a separate fanbase for all the antics he pulls off on the internet.

And for exactly that reason, even without spending any significant money on branding, Tesla witnessed a brilliant jump of 150% from its 2020 valuation (about 12.41 Billion USD) to its 2021 market price (31.98 Billion USD). This American company has over 500 retail units spread all across the world.

7. Honda

Net value: $31.36 Billion

Headquarters: Minato, Tokyo, Japan

When we talk about car manufacturing, we simply cannot omit to mention Honda–the Japanese automobile manufacturing pioneer. It has also ventured into the motorcycle business and also made the engines for the Formula 1 cars like McLaren and RedBull till 2021.

They pull back from supplying engines to Formula 1 racing cars anymore as their contract ended last year. Honda has had a considerable loss in its profit margins from $33.10 billion in 2020 to $31.36 billion in 2021. 

8. Ford

Net value: $22.67 Billion

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

The American company Ford Motors has got the eighth position on this list this year with a value of $22.67 billion for the current year, a huge jump from its valuation of only $18.51 billion in 2020.

Regarded as one of the oldest and best automobile companies in the United States of America, Ford produces family cars and has 90 production units and assembly units all over the world. 

9. Volvo

Net value: $17.75 Billion

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden

Most of us are used to seeing car manufacturers who originated from either Germany, Japan, or the US. But Volvo is a Swedish multinational automobile manufacturing company that has managed to retain its 8th spot on this list, the same as last year.

In fact, the brand has managed to increase its valuation marginally to $17.75 billion in 2021 from $16.91 billion in 2020. Volvo Cars, which were under the Ford Motors, has now been acquired by the Geely Holding Group, a Chinese multinational automotive company. Volvo was founded in 1915 and has production units in 18 countries as of yet.

10. Audi

Net value: $17.18 billion

Headquarters: Ingolstadt, Germany

When they say Germany is the seat of scientific innovation and automobile designing, they are not wrong. This is the third German company on our list–Audi. As a German luxury automobile brand, Audi’s major customers come from the upper echelons of society.

It is in the tenth rank in the list of the world’s highest valuable car companies. The German company has seen a very slight increment in its valuation from $16.97 billion in the 2020 fiscal year to $17.18 billion in 2021.

Again, Volkswagen group has acquired Audi AG as a subsidiary and it has 7 production units in different locations across 12 countries, and retail units and distributors in over 100 countries worldwide. Its largest production site is, of course, in Ingolstadt, Germany.

Now we have already covered the top 10 car manufacturers in the world, so let us jump to the rest of the names on the list!

11. Nissan

Net value: $15.25 Billion

Headquarters: Yokohama, Japan

12. Chevrolet

Net value: $14.55 Billion

Headquarters: Michigan, United States

13. Hyundai

Net value: $14.29 Billion

Headquarters: Seoul, South Korea

14. Jaguar

Headquarters: Coventry, United Kingdom

15. Fiat

Headquarters:  Turin, Italy

16. Land Rover

Headquarters:  Coventry, United Kingdom

17. Lexus

Headquarters: Nagoya, Aichi, Japan

18. Bugatti

Headquarters: Molsheim, France

19. Bentley

Headquarters: Crewe, United Kingdom

20.  Jeep

Headquarters: Ohio, United States


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So, that is it with our list of most valuable car companies in the world. If you found our article to be helpful, please share it and spread the good word! Thank you for reading this, and have a great day.

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