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Best JavaScript Frameworks to Use

JavaScript Frameworks

If you are a developer and working on javascript then you must know the best and most useful javascript frameworks. Here in this article, we will discuss the top 5 best javascript frameworks to use. Let us get started one by one.

Best JavaScript Frameworks

1. React JS

React JS is a framework developed by Facebook. If you are a developer developing web pages, you can get highly interactive user interfaces that attract a lot of traffic. The best part about this framework is it uses the virtual DOM. So, this makes the integration of apps easier.

Features of React JS

Declarative- The most important feature of React is; it offers you declarative views to make your code readable and find out bugs. Further, it also creates highly interactive UIs for web apps and mobile apps that make it more convenient for the users. It also renders the adequate components when there is any change in data. 

Event managing- React also includes compatibility with W3C objects. And it also offers the developers a cross-browser interface to create a native event. So, if you are worried about unsuited event names and fields, you must use React.

Performance- When you are talking about performance, there is no comparison of React. It uses one-way data binding to make the apps more efficient.

2. Mithril.js

Mithril is also one of the best JS frameworks mainly used for developing single-page applications. And as there are no derived functions from the base, this JS framework is more convenient to use. However, somehow Mithril is similar to React. So, if you are already using React, you can also use Mithril.

Features of Mithril

Full-stack solution-Just like the Meteor JS, this framework also offers you full-stack development. That means you can use it to develop any type of web app development.

Database integration- This JS framework also offers you database integration. Besides, you can also find many other features like high performance, speed, and efficiency.

3. Node JS

Node JS is a server-side JS runtime environment. It is an exclusive free cross-platform development framework that also offers you many features. In fact, one of the important features of Node JS is; it is capable of running the Asynchronous I/O.

This framework operates under the runtime environment of JS and offers many properties like threading, packaging, loop forming, and many more.

Features of Node JS

Fast- The library of Node is no doubt one of the fastest developing frameworks. And when it comes to execution, this framework comes with Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. So, imagine how faster it could be?

I/O asynchronous- This is the only feature why most of the app developers use Node JS. This is because; most of the APIs that you use are asynchronous. So, they don’t wait for the APIs to return. 

No buffering– The framework is highly optimized. So, you don’t find any sort of buffering while using Node JS. It also follows an event mechanism. So, this makes it prone to respond quickly in a non-blocking manner.

Open source– Node JS is also a free developing framework. And it offers you all the advanced features. So, if you are a developer, you can use it without making any payment.


Aurelia is the latest version of JS. And the best part about using this framework is that you can implement it at any interface you want. That is why most of the developers use Aurelia to develop next-gen applications.

Features of Aurelia

  • The components in Aurelia are its building blocks. It is composed of JS view-model pairs.
  • Besides, it is also one of the most cleanly modern-day frameworks that eliminate all the unwanted abstractions.
  • This JS framework also supports commercial and enterprises.

5. Meteor JS

Meteor is also one of the best JavaScript frameworks that offer you complete efficiency. Using the framework will provide you with essential areas like back-end development, database management, business logic, and front-end rendering.

Features of Meteor JS

Full-stack solution- The unbeatable feature about Meteor is, it offers you a full-stack solution. That means; you can use it to develop high-end web apps. It also has some additional features like automated CSS, reactive templates, JS minifications, and many more.

A development ecosystem– Meteor JS is an exclusive free isomorphic development ecosystem. All the developers can use it to make any app from scratch. It also has all the front end and Back end components, which makes it even easier to use.

Front development- Meteor is one of those JS frameworks that has front-end development framework integrated into it. 

Wrapping Up

Now, you know the best javascript frameworks for web app development. Study them carefully, know your requirements and choose the one most suitable for your project.

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