Why SEO & Online Marketing is Key for Business Growth


There are many reasons why you may consider SEO and online marketing, but if you’re a business owner, these things are crucial for business growth.

We’re going to get into that a little bit in this guide because no matter how big or small your business, you need to have some sort of digital marketing and SEO in place so you can not only make your company look better, but you can also overcome competitors.

Increased Traffic, Trust, and Reliability

One thing you can ensure is that if you use an SEO and digital marketing plan of any sort (advertising, SEO, branding, Facebook marketing, customer support, and more), you can generate more traffic to your website.

90 percent of the world is online now, and almost half of it is even by mobile devices because people browse the internet everywhere. 

While Google dominates the search market, other engines still need to be optimized because they do make up the other 25 percent of the search engine market. Using things like video marketing and advertising through YouTube, you can dominate every avenue and increase revenue, productivity, and get more customers.

User Experience and Content is Key

The better the content on your website, and the better user experience, the more customers will return to your website and use it. Therefore, user experience is a must, and by increasing it, you’ll also greatly benefit on many avenues.

Aside from this, using quality content that is relevant to your website is also a key factor, because nobody wants to go to a website about horses to find real estate articles that are spamming their own real estate company.

Good SEO Smashes Competitors

If you have a good SEO and marketing campaign in place, you can literally squash your competitors on search engines. What does this mean for you? A log more revenue and beating competitors just as you would if you were doing it locally.

Most people don’t even click on the second page of search results when searching for a business or product unless they’re deeply analyzing things like reviews and prices. You will bump your competitors down the list more and more and make your business on top.


These aren’t the only reasons why people use SEO and digital marketing. Sometimes it’s also to increase revenue on a product that you may not be selling as much as you would like to or just to get more visitors to your social media pages.

Whatever the reasons, having a good marketing strategy is essential, and you may not have the time to do it all yourself, which is why you will want to hire experts to do the job for you.

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