Benefits of Using WhatsApp API Bulk Messaging Services


WhatsApp Business is a great way to send and receive messages, promote the brand, send booking and delivery updates, and promotional offers.

Just as with the SMS services, business enterprises can send messages to users in bulk by integrating with the WhatsApp API.

There are various service providers in the industry who provide a platform for business enterprises to create a system, a gateway service that will enable them to send messages on various communication channels.

The Whatsapp bulk message price depends on the service provider and the additional services they offer. Messages that are not delivered to the users due to various reasons are not charged.

Enterprises will have to pay for the messages that have been received by the users. The delivery reports are recorded in the system and maintained in a database. It can be accessed by the enterprises to check the delivery rate.

Let us take a look at different types of smart messaging campaigns and their features along with the benefits of using WhatsApp API bulk messaging services.

Benefits of Using WhatsApp Bulk Messaging Services

1) Transactional Alerts

Send event-based notifications to customers directly from the backend system of using APIs.

2) Re-engagement

Schedule recurring campaigns to be shared periodically with customers to engage with the content.

3) Sequence

Set up a sequence of questions and answers for the system to send automated replies. Also, set up a sequence of messages to be sent to new registrations.

4) Personal Messages

Customize the campaigns based on individual customer preferences and send selective content to attract more sales.

5) Targeted Promotions

Cross-sell and up-sell services to the identified and selected user segments. Run targeted promotions periodically.

6) Interactive Messages

Use every outbound message as a tool to bring more conversations and keep the message box alive. Attach clickable interactive elements along with the text messages.

7) Embed Rich Media

Include images, video, audio, emojis, etc. to enrich the experience for the recipients.

8) Smarter Call-to-Action

A call-to-action link can initiate a conversation with a bot to provide the additional details.

9) Tool Integrations

Use existing marketing tools and seamlessly integrate with the app to exchange contacts, messages, and send campaigns.

10) Conversion Rates

Convert more conversations into transactions. Encourage customers and target audience to make purchases.

11) Lower Costs

Reduce the cost of marketing and sales by using communication channels to promote a brand or a business for cost-effective prices.

The results are proving to be beneficiary for the business enterprises.

12) Higher ROI

Increase the Return On Investment by increasing the sales and expanding customer base.

WhatsApp Business API integration has been successfully helping business enterprises to gain more profits by turning the target audience into customers by providing them with instant, accurate responses, by customizing messages for them to nudge them to try a product by their brand.

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