Comprehensive Guide To Enterprise Marketing Tools

Enterprise Marketing Tools

If you’re a marketer who’s struggling with keeping up with the winds of change, worry not. In this guide we will help shed light and hopefully guide you through some crucial enterprise marketing tools.

But before you delve into the tools for effective enterprise marketing, it may be important to understand what exactly is an enterprise marketing is all about.

What Is An Enterprise?

Before you grasp the concept of enterprise marketing, it’s good to understand what an enterprise is. An enterprise can be categorized into a small, medium, or large enterprise. The main difference between the three is their size and number of employees.

Small enterprises generally employ less than a hundred employees. On the other hand, medium enterprises employ less than 250, while large enterprises will have more than 250. Large enterprises often include national and global entities, as well as publicly traded firms.

Now that you’re clear about what an enterprise is, it should be easier to understand what’s meant by the term enterprise marketing.

What Is Enterprise Marketing?

Enterprise marketing can be said to be the efforts made by a large company to keep its current customer base while generating new business through an integrated or multichannel campaign.

Whereas ordinary marketing relies on entrepreneurs to advertise a business, enterprise marketing goes the extra mile of ensuring that the existing clients are retained through customer relationship management.

Enterprise marketers also generate new business leads through integrated and multichannel campaigns targeted towards large enterprises.

Enterprise marketing often involves diverse goals, different forms of marketing, and a variety of specializations. Therefore, this strategy won’t rely solely on your marketing team; but instead, this requires the combined effort from different departments.

The team includes product developers, IT managers, and other executive members to unite towards implementing enterprise marketing strategies.

The Difference Between Enterprise Marketing And Ordinary Marketing

Enterprise marketing typically uses an approach that is much bigger than that of a typical marketing campaign.

It has a unique characteristic of linking different departments in an organization to increase sales and attract more customers. Enterprise marketing strategies could include brand awareness, multichannel marketing, and brand diversity.

What Tools Are Used For Enterprise Marketing?

Enterprise marketing can be overwhelming and costly. Thus, to implement these strategies smoothly and effectively, some marketing tools have to be utilized. These include:

  • Marketing automation software
  • Content management system
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Lead generation tools
  • Data reporting and analytics tools
  • Digital asset management tools
  • Team communication and collaboration tools
  • Project management tools

1. Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation refers to technological platforms such as software and other technologies designed to make marketing easier. This allows you to effectively market your goods or services on multiple online channels and automate tasks that may be unnecessarily repetitive.

There are numerous marketing automation systems available to help you implement your enterprise marketing strategies. These include platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo and many others like them.

The software systems and platforms are made to make your life as an enterprise marketer a lot easier. Depending on your target, the software provides a variety of marketing tools to implement your strategies. These include:

  • Email marketing
  • Customer base marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • B2B marketing
  • Search engine optimization
  • Blogging
  • Advertisement
  • Database management
  • Customer analytics
  • Data reporting
  • Collaboration

Software not only makes marketing easier but they’re integrated to help smoothen the flow of collaboration between departments, as well as easy access to information.

2. Content Management Systems (CMS)

Another way of managing enterprise marketing is through a content management system. This is a computer-based system used to manage data. Because enterprise marketing is reliant on collaboration, you must use a system that allows you and your colleagues to have access to data, as well as the ability to share information.

CMS typically integrates document management, record retention, and digital asset management. Thus, it’s perfect for use in enterprise content management and web content management. When you use CMS, you get multichannel functionality which is essential for enterprise marketing.

3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management (CRM) refers to the strategies, technologies, and practices you could use to manage and analyze an organization’s customer interaction.

Customer relationship management systems provide customer data that they compile from different channels in the organization, including websites, phone calls, live chats, emails, regular mail, and social networks.

When you analyze the data, it helps you improve customer service, which could have the ripple effect of retaining customers and increasing your sales.

4. Lead Generation Tools

Lead generation tools are tools that help you turn potential clients into actual customers. Enterprise marketers can use such tools to set themselves apart from regular marketers because they’ll focus not just on existing clients but also on generating more business opportunities. Lead generation tools include the following:

  • Email marketing
  • Email address finders
  • Prospecting and outreach
  • Customer relationship management
  • Sales
  • Communication
  • Advertising
  • Bulk messaging

5. Data Reporting And Analytics Tools

When you use reporting tools, they collect data from the targeted sources and gather the necessary information before giving you insights in a form you can easily understand and digest. Effective data reporting software will often present information in the form of charts and graphs.

Reporting tools are helpful when it comes to decision-making because they provide comprehensive insights. They also make data presentations more attractive and readable. When you collaborate with other departments, information sharing is crucial when using data reporting and analytics tools.

6. Digital Asset Management Tools (DAM)

Digital asset management tools are helpful for archiving, cataloging, and maintaining your media files such as videos, photos, and audio. DAM systems are designed and optimized for fast and efficient processing and distribution of your marketing media of any type.

They’re pretty handy for brand promotion in any industry. In addition, they help keep your archives organized by preventing clutter, file duplication, and so forth.

Most DAM software can also be integrated with other enterprise marketing tools to allow for flawless collaboration.

7. Team Communication And Collaboration

Enterprise marketing is reliant on collaboration with various departments in an organization. However, for effective collaboration, you’d need tools and software that would make teams from different departments collaborate efficiently and smartly.

In that vein, collaboration tools enhance teamwork and productivity. When all project members are in sync, they’re less prone to time-wasting and confusion about their goal’s progress and vision.

8. Project Management Tools

Enterprise marketing can be said to be a big project. Project management tools could, therefore, be your solution to managing it efficiently. It often requires proper planning and implementation of tasks to meet deadlines. It also needs all team members to be on top of things and to stick to their mandates.

Project management tools come in handy when quantifying, objectifying, segregating, and delegating duties to each department. There’re many project management tools available, so you just need to pick the one that integrates well with your other enterprise marketing tools.

9. Other Tools

There’re many other tools you could use to make your enterprise marketing campaign a success. These include:

  • Progressive web apps (PWA)
  • Lead capture and conversion tools
  • Lead nurturing and email marketing tools
  • Online advertising tools
  • Social media management tools
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) tools
  • Content creation and design tools
  • Video marketing tools
  • Event marketing tools
  • Website optimization tools


Like any other job, enterprise marketing can be difficult if you’re not equipped with the right tools for the job. However, automated tools can be a big timesaver, thus increasing your productivity and chances of a successful marketing campaign.

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