5 Ways Sales and Marketing Teams Can Close More Deals Together

Sales and Marketing Team

Much has been said and discussed the two most popular departments which are the backbone for any operating business. Both sales and marketing teams indeed perform very different tasks, though they may seem similar to the layman on the outside.

Both teams have one common goal which is increasing the profits and Return on Investments for the company. So, without beating about the bush let’s get to discussing the 5 little but very effective tips that can get the teams working together. 

1. Collaborating The Ways:

There is a 36% higher customer satisfaction rate when both the sales and marketing teams work together. Both sales and marketing teams create content to market the product/service in front of their target audience.

Collaborating and brainstorming content ideas together can result in more options at a creative level and who knows what wonders can be achieved together. 

2. Inform And Coordinate:

Any organization can work smoothly if they concentrate on communication, co-operate and co-ordinate.

Both teams must down and have a monthly meeting where the sales team can discuss and highlight the questions that they face most often when trying to close a deal.

In turn, the marketing team can come up with content that can educate the customers on the answers to these questions in the most creative and effective way.

3. Define Their Roles And Responsibilities:

Most of the time teams are unable to work collectively because their job descriptions and responsibilities are not streamlined. Most organizations just let them work like headless chickens with no pathway given and no definition offered.

This results in chaos and friction, and this is why it is necessary for both teams to sit down and discuss. They will then be able to see that they are actually the wheels without which the car can’t move forward towards the common goal. 

4. Defining The Who What And Where Of Target Audience:

The marketing team clearly knows and has an idea about who their target audience is, especially because they know the product in and out and know who the product caters to.

However, the sales team who is responsible to convert the leads into a confirmed customer is often hazy about their actual target audience.

The best way out of this loophole will be to have both teams conduct training sessions where they can train the other teams about the customer type and demographics. Making these sessions interactive and fun can actually get the two teams to work as one. 

5. Working On Dead Leads Ain’t Any Good:

Many times the leads that are passed on to the sales team are futile and mostly used and dead. This definitely won’t do anyone any good.

No work is easy and as much as each of these teams might feel that the other does nothing at all, all these misconceptions can only hamper the growth of the company.

Both the teams should sit together and discuss the SWOT theory and try working out a plan that can iron things out for both of them. 


It may seem impossible but the fact is when both these teams work together, the results of their combined efforts will take your product/service to newer heights. 

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