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Best Google Analytics Alternatives To Try In 2021

Google Analytics Alternatives

Google Analytics (GA) is one of the best and free web analytics tools on the market. However, Google Analytics is a complete tool and is very complex for people who start a web project and are not familiar with the terms and graphics it uses. It’s very hard to find an alternative against this, right?

If you are more concerned about the data of the users, we mentioned some best alternatives to Google Analytics to know the website traffic of your Website.

Best Google Analytics Alternatives

1. Koko Analytics

Koko analytics is an open-source analytics plugin for WordPress that does not use any external services and respects the privacy of the visitors. It is simple to install and provides the Analytics data in a clean and easy-to-understand way.

Just after activating the plugin, it will start collecting the data immediately. The plugin ensures that the visitor data is safe and no personal information of visitors is tracked.

2. Clicky

Clicky is a very simple plugin and is one of the best alternatives to google analytics. You just need to install and register to start using it. More than 1 million websites use Clicky to monitor, analyze and react to their traffic in real-time. 

It also offers a free demo on how to use it and see all its features. Clicky does not depend on Google Analytics or third-party services to collect visitor’s information.

3. Matomo

Matomo (previously Piwik) is one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics to protect the data and privacy of users. According to Matomo, website/project owners risk damaging their reputations when users discover that their data is being used for Google’s “own purposes.”

Matomo has a wide variety of features, from conversion analysis and optimization to visitor profiling. It is used by more than 1 million websites around the world. 

Some features include Media Analytics, Content interactions, Conversion optimization features, Campaign tracking, and events tracking.

4. Fathom Analytics

It is simple, lightweight, and one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics that gives more importance to user privacy. Fathom displays reports in a single, incredibly simple dashboard to help to make quick decisions.

Some of the best features of fathom are Live data in real-time, weekly email reports, all data in a single dashboard, and ad blockers.

5. StatCounter

StatCounter is one of the best tools to observe how visitors navigate through a website in real-time. This is an ideal tool to know how users interact with the content? Are there any problems with the structure or navigation of the site? 

User navigation will give valuable information to quickly detect problems. The StatCounter WordPress plugin offers all the features of StatCounter.

Some features include Popular pages, entry pages, exit pages, Recent keyword activity, Visit duration, Returning Visits, and Country/State/City Statistics.

6. Oribi Analytics

Oribi Analytics is a website analysis tool designed to help companies, e-commerce websites, and marketing agencies to increase conversions, based on real data, absolutely free of codes and without the need for Google Analytics

Bloggers/website owners can keep track of all the key events and metrics of any online business easily and without any coding skills. Automatic event tracking, Smart cross-domain funnels, Email integration, and Revenue integration are some of the best features it offers.

7. Hitsteps Web Analytics

Hitsteps Analytics is a real-time live chat, heatmap, and visitor statistics WordPress plugin. It allows bloggers/website owners to see the statistics and website navigation.

It also allows admins to interact with their users through the live chat tool. The tools also provide detailed graphics and information about each visitor, such as geographical location (city, country, and region), their first visit to your site, reference, browser, operating system, and many others.

8. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics was founded by Neil Patel and Hiten Shah, well-known entrepreneurs in the digital space. It is the ideal tool for marketing and e-commerce teams to retain customers and optimize the sales funnel.

Some well-known brands like Unbounce use Kissmetrics. In terms of data privacy, it is one of the best alternatives to Google Analytics.

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