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Best Concept Mapping Apps For Teachers

Concept Mapping

Mind maps or concept maps are the most powerful way to explain a concept, because they are based on concept associations, which is the most optimal way to understand.

In this article we will explain the best applications to make concept maps, with which you can prepare your concept maps and share or even print them.

1. SimpleMind

It is one of the best mind mapping apps out there and has a long history on the market. With SimpleMind one can create very complex mind maps with different custom styles or even use the styles that come by default.

The app interface is one of the simplest, it allows you to start the map from any point and gradually add concepts, with the possibility of folding and extending certain parts. It is one of the best app to make concept mapping.

2. Mindly

Mindly has an interface with circles in which you can add text, photos, icons and in this way create hierarchies, which is very useful for people who work better visually.

In the free version you can export to PDF / OPML / text, in the paid version it offers other export options and adds some improvements.

3. SchematicMind

An excellent free mind mapping app, which stands out for the use of beautiful fonts and a simple but careful design.

This app allows you to create an unlimited number of maps, which you can fully customize, including icons, colors, shapes and more.

It works in a way that you start from a central point and expand to where you want by adding predefined shapes joined by lines.

4. Mindjet Maps

Unlike the other apps, Mindjet goes further and encourages users to use the application for all kinds of tasks that have to do with ordering thoughts , be it planning the steps of a task, such as ordering and relating concepts.

It stands out for the number of options to customize the designs of the maps, giving the possibility of adding images, changing the colors and shapes of objects, and more.

It has a tag system, which allows you to sort the maps according to certain concepts, so that you can find them more easily.

5. KnowledgeBase Builder

It is one of the most complete in terms of creating mind maps, particularly it allows you to create very elaborate designs of concept maps. Users can work on predetermined designs and adding text and formatting with colors.

Using this app users can make concept maps completely free, also it does not contain ads.

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