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What is the Difference Between Reboot and Reset?

What is Reboot

The reboot is the process of restarting the running computer to improve the performance of your computer. A computer does not always need to reboot, you should just reboot in case the programs in the computer are running but some code errors appear, affecting the control system of the computer and some applications.

If the error codes appear more and more in the computer, the applications installed on the computer may stop working, the central processing system is slow. 

Rebooting the computer is very necessary to re-operate the programs to improve the working condition better. 

Hanging up is an inevitable phenomenon when using the computer. In case your device falls into this state, you should perform the reboot. 

However, you should not reboot the device too many times, because this process will consume a lot of battery, reducing the life of the battery.

Difference Between Reboot and Reset?

As mentioned above, reboot helps to improve the performance of the computer. Reboot and reset are not the same. Because reset is to restore the original state of the computer, the reset process does not need to shut down the computer.

Resetting the device will return the device to the state it was in when it was purchased for the first time.

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