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What is Github? Why Developers Use Github?


What Exactly is Github?

GitHub is a Git repository hosting service and is one of the most popular Distributed Version Control systems (DVCS) available today for developers and organizations. DVCS means a system that allows each computer to store many different versions even if it is sharing the same source code and just replicate from one main repository, each change on the machine. 

The calculation will be confirmed when pushed back on the repository. This means that with another computer, the programmer can also access the repository to clone the source code. In the Github system, the directory will work in the form of a tree called “Working Tree”.

GitHub allows programmers to save versions of changes in source code and also easily restore when encountering errors or any duplication. It also allows developers to see the changes in the group’s actions. With GitHub, it is possible to put all the modifications into the source code on a public repository.

Why use Github?

Currently, there are many tools to manage the source code, but Github is still the tool that many programmers choose to manage source code (programming source code). So why developers use Github.

  1. Github is completely a free tool, helps both employees and students who are interested in programming.
  2. Github is easy to use, safe, and fast. It is easy to deploy for a project or a product for an individual or a company.
  3. It helps teamwork simpler by combining branches. During the cloning process, the programmers can build their own branch to change and then post to the main branch.
  4. Work without limit of time and workplace. Wherever you are, you only need a computer and a network connection, so programmers can freely code.

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