What Is An SSL Certificate? How Does SSL Work?

    One of the best possible ways to protect your site is to install an SSL certificate. Most of them check the padlock on the address bar before visiting a website. Again, most web browsers like Google have been marking insecure sites as “Not Secure,” making it necessary for businesses to install them.

    What Is An SSL Certificate

    The SSL certificate uses the underlying SSL/ TLS technology to secure the communication between the visitor’s browser and the webserver. It is important because the communication may contain sensitive information like personal details as well as financial information. Using an insecure HTTP connection can lead to data breaches by hackers.

    HTTPS sites can thwart any unauthorized user from gaining access to information transfer between the two parties. Moreover, search engines like Google use it as a lightweight ranking parameter during keyword search rankings. It becomes necessary to get the certificate from a recognized Certificate Authority (CA).

    How Does SSL Work

    The SSL certificate ensures secure communication by encrypting the data transfer taking place with the webserver. When you visit the HTTPS website, the browser checks if it has a valid SSL certificate. The browser requests the public key of the webserver.

    SSL will encrypt the message and the server will receive the message and will decrypt using the private key. The communication continues with the message being encrypted with the public key that the browser has generated.

    Why SSL Certificate Is Necessary

    It is now very important for businesses to install SSL certificates to ensure trust in the minds of visitors.

    1. Trust

    Using SSL will ensure that your site enjoys positive brand equity among your audience. With an increase in the number of data breaches, visitors need visible cues to confirm that they are on a secure site. It can prevent phishing attacks as these certificates cannot have a duplicate.

    2. Authentication

    Since visitors share sensitive personal information, it is more important for businesses to secure their data. It will help to enthuse a sense of trust and ensure that the site is more safe and secure, and loss of visitor information can have severe consequences.

    3. Security

    Using an SSL/ TLS certificate, users can encrypt the information and make sure the information is not read by any third party who is not a part of the conversation. It is now very important to ensure failsafe security for the personal data and user credentials.

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