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How Internet of Things Will Change The Way We Learn

Internet of Things in Education

The development of a digital society is directly linked to the implementation of the latest technologies in education. According to Businessinsider, New Richmond schools in Tipp City, Ohio save $128,000 a year by implementing a web-based system to control all mechanical equipment and also save around $200,000 on paper by using smartphones and tablets.

Internet of Things makes the learning process more smart, interactive, and therefore more diverse and interesting.

Few Examples of IoT in Education:

  • Artificial intelligence systems in the form of recommendation engines.
  • Electronic bracelets to monitor attendance and receive individual assignments.
  • Head sensors that monitor students’ brain activity.
  • Smart desks with touchscreen for collaborative work.
  • Electronic whiteboards.
  • Virtual classrooms, Virtual meetings, and Electronic diaries
  • Cameras in classrooms broadcasting lectures online.

With the advent of wireless communication and the concept of IoT, it became possible to turn the usual attributes of the educational process, such as desks, blackboards, and even classes into virtual assistants for teachers and students.

How IoT helps education:

  • Organize the learning process. identifying the students with QR-code cards or smart bracelets can reduce the roll call time.
  • Personalize education. A smart class can record a student’s achievements in different disciplines and tasks, form a necessary program, assign tasks depending on abilities.
  • Deliver information in a focused and personalized way.
  • Make concepts more diverse and engaging.

Of course, the mass use of IoT devices in the educational sphere is still a long way off, and even developed countries cannot yet boast of the total digitalization of educational institutions.

However, the growing number of Internet-connected devices and improvements in wireless communications will certainly contribute to a gradual change in education.

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