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Why Hybrid Cloud Should Be Your Best Option

Hybrid Cloud

Having control and mobility of data is very important for any business. However, an enterprise has no direct control over the architecture of a public cloud, so, for hybrid cloud deployment, it must architect its private cloud to achieve compatibility with the desired public cloud.

The hybrid cloud is a term that you have probably heard with all this boom that there is about storage and the use of applications on the Internet to optimize the processes in your company. But what exactly does it mean and why should you invest in it?

In its simplest form, the hybrid cloud is a local and cloud computing infrastructure that incorporates two different types of services in the network, the private and the public, that allows them to exchange data or applications.

But is it worth it for your company to invest in hybrid cloud infrastructure? There is a debate on the question, and some interesting arguments as to why it is important to have your own servers, ranging from cybersecurity issues, regulations of each country, and timely and rapid access to applications.

Ideally, if you already have your own infrastructure, and you are looking to enter the digitalization of services or processes, a hybrid cloud is ideal. Beyond giving companies the supervision and care of sensitive data, there are multiple uses of Hybrid Cloud. 

These include the so-called “bursting cloud”, where a workload in the private cloud is downloaded by the public when the local capacity is exhausted. Another use is to divide a system so that some components run in a private cloud and others in the public one.

You know that today anyone can access the cloud, although having a private platform will help you never lose control of what is happening in digital issues within your company, especially in security. 

If you already have your own infrastructure, live with what you have and add new business models in the cloud, because that will make you more competitive with your rivals.

Remember that many medium and large companies run directly to the cloud for issues of savings in resources. Before making excessive purchases that oversize the requirements, you must understand that it is better to pay for use.

Remember that your network center helps you to have control of your security policies, that your data is agile and flexible, instant and unlimited in the use of applications adding a hybrid cloud. 

The options are many, but you must consider what you want and how much you are willing to spend to keep your company at the forefront of technology and business. Always approach a specialist before hiring a cloud service.

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