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How to Choose the Right Hotel Feedback Software?

Hotel Feedback Software

What is Hotel Feedback Software? 

Hotel Feedback Software is a tool that works best for any size of Hotel or Resorts to acquire real-time hotel feedback. It empowers the hotel owners with a quick and advanced way to analyze the feedback and manage the complaints to resolve the issues.

Hotel Feedback Software enables you to capture on-premises instant guest feedback at hotels and resorts through different channels including tablet feedback app, online, email surveys, and SMS surveys. This provides you with the scope of hotel services improvement and makes it more aligned with the requirements of the customers.

There are various features that can help you to choose the Best Hotel Feedback Software for your hotel. Some of the best features you consider while choosing hotel feedback management tools are:

Choosing the Right Hotel Feedback Software

1. Skip Logic & Branching  

While choosing any hotel feedback software check whether it provides Skip Logic & Branching feature or not. This Skip Logic & Branching feature allows you to skip or hide a few screens of the survey based on respondents’ answers. 

Say, if the guest had a bad screen, they could continue to the next screen where you ask them questions about how you can improve. Whereas for customers who had a good experience you can skip the screen.

2. Question Type 

Some Enterprise-grade hotel feedback tools allow you to ask only multiple-choice and open-ended questions. But always whether the tool you are choosing helps you to ask different question types. 

Varieties in question types including Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES), Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Likert scale, and checkboxes will help you to collect relevant and useful customer data that contribute to the growth of your hotel. 

3. Default Survey Templates

If you are short with the time and can’t afford to create a survey from scratch? Then default survey templates will help you to create customized hotel feedback surveys with just a few clicks. Consider choosing professional hotel feedback tools that provide you with a predefined library of beautiful survey templates.

4. Integration

Your hotel feedback app is said to be more result-driven and efficient when it is integrated with other CRM, third-party apps, and marketing automation software. There are some popular hotel feedback systems that are easily integratable with some very popular platforms and applications like Zapier, Twilio, Plivo and more.

5. User Management

Before choosing the hotel survey tool always check the user & domain management feature. This feature enables you to add another user to a domain or a new domain to an existing account. This helps you to avoid sharing one access within a team. 

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