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CryptPad: An Open-Source and Encrypted Alternative To Google Docs


Cryptpad is an open-source and encrypted collaborative tool for editing documents in the purest Google Docs style. Cryptpad uses 100% client-side encryption so that the content and users information is protected.

You can start using this service with or without registration, but if you create an account you get 1 GB of permanent storage. 

Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Kanban Boards, Notes, Surveys, Code Editor

Cryptpad has the three classics: the text editor, the spreadsheets and the presentations, but in addition to this, it has survey creation, Trello-style Kanban boards, a collaborative drawing board, and a code editor.

It offers you the possibility to protect your files or documents with a password, and it has a self-destruct function that deletes documents at the scheduled time.

In Cryptpad the files you create can be public or private, you can control the document’s permissions before sharing, you can insert your documents on any website using an iframe segment, and you have collaborative editing options and a chat.

In general, all the tools work very well from the browser, it has a basic and easy-to-use design, perhaps more similar to Microsoft’s Office and Google documents. Premium plans starts from $ 5 to $ 15 with much more storage space. Open the official website and start using Cryptpad.

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