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Best VR Apps For Android – Everyone Must Try

Best VR Apps

Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology that makes everything possible virtually. Be it addressing a large group of virtual audiences or experiencing an exciting virtual tour of world-famous destinations, virtual reality lets people do everything virtually.

The launch of VR headsets Including HTC Vive, Oculus, Daydream, and others already revealed the unmatched potential of virtual reality. But, these devices are not so affordable that everyone can buy and use them to get a true experience of virtual reality.

So, what’s another option left for users? Well, the answer is a VR app. Today, mobile application development companies leverage VR technology to create a variety of apps for different requirements. 

Let’s discuss some of the popular VR apps that are gaining huge fame among users worldwide.

1. YouTube VR

Download: YouTube VR 

YouTube doesn’t need any specific introduction as it is already a popular platform for watching videos that belong to almost every category. The integration of VR technology in the YouTube app lets users redefine their video watching experience with virtual reality. YouTube VR app lets users engross into a complete 3D world and explore lots of fun and joy.


  • Watch 3D and 360-degree videos.
  • Spatial audio.
  • Watching and browsing videos can be done simultaneously.
  • Browse and search videos easily by switching between keyboard and voice control.
  • View playlist, video watching history, subscription, etc.    

2. Netflix VR

Download: Netflix VR

Netflix VR is another popular app that allows users to watch their favorite TV series, award shows, etc., with a thrilling virtual environment. One can enjoy ad-free videos anytime and from any location with the app. Netflix VR offers something for everyone – kids can also find a separate section for them and watch their favorite shows.


  • Users can watch videos through VR headsets including Daydream, Oculus, etc.
  • Two viewing modes – rustic living room experience and void experience.    

3. Google Cardboard App

Download: Cardboard

While talking about the best virtual reality apps, it’s certainly impossible to forget about the Google Cardboard app. Once users install this app on their devices, it lets them enjoy popular VR content stored on their devices.

The most interesting fact about the Google Cardboard app is that it includes a complete directory of VR applications and lets users find their favorite stuff hassle-free.


  • Users can watch photospheres, videos, etc.
  • It includes a list of games and VR apps.
  • Users can set up a viewer, enjoy playing VR games, etc.     

4. Discovery VR

Download: Discovery VR

Discovery VR app is perfect for everyone seeking to explore adventurous places, sights, ideas, characters, etc. The app makes a perfect utilization of the great potential of virtual reality and lets users browse and watch a range of videos and shows including Deadliest Catch, Shark Week and others. Discovery VR app is a complete pack of fun and entertainment.


  • Users can stream or download 360 videos.
  • Can add and save videos to their playlist.
  • ‘Continue Watching’ lets users watch videos from where they left.
  • All VR videos can be watched through Samsung Gear VR, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc.     

5. Fulldive VR

Download: Fulldive VR

Enjoying its compatibility on both Daydream headsets and Cardboards, Fulldive VR is another popular virtual reality app that supports a large collection of VR content. It also serves as a social media platform that lets users watch the activities of their friends, including what they watch, comment, share, etc.


  • Users can watch YouTube videos in the virtual environment.
  • Can stream 3D and 360 videos in VR.
  • VR browser
  • VR 360 photo gallery

6. Google Street View

Download: Google Street View

Be it popular museums, famous destinations, natural wonders, or any location, Google Street View lets users explore their favorite places and mesmerize sights with a virtual environment. Searching for a new destination is quite easier with this app and involves a lot of fun at the same time.


  • Users can add their own street view.
  • Create 360 images through a device camera or certified street view ready camera.
  • Work as a local guide.

7. Expeditions

Download: Expeditions    

Developed by Google, Expeditions is an education VR app, which is meant to renovate the learning experience. It lets users explore important historical landmarks, AR objects, VR tips, and lots more. Teachers using this app can work as a guide to help students explore AR objects. They can easily point out or describe important things by using a set of tools.


  • Expeditions is perfect for small-sized classes or groups.
  • Users can explore amazing flora, funna, underwater dives, and more.
  • 360-degree mode.
  • Get 800 Expeditions to choose from.


Apart from the above popular VR apps, many more are still to come in the future. With the continuous expansion of virtual reality, Google and other popular market players are continuously working to launch new VR apps that can innovate users’ experiences.

Many app development companies today leverage VR technology to develop smart mobile apps for multiple industries including health, education, real estate, and others.

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