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9 Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

Lock Screen

The lock screens of mobile phones help to prevent other people from using our device without permission. Once we enter a PIN, an unlock pattern, or an authorized fingerprint, they allow access.

Lock screens now also show us notifications and other types of data. Additionally, each smartphone maker introduces its own variants on Android, so it is common to find different lock screens depending on the mobile you use.

In Android, there are many third-party applications to customize and add new functions & features. In this article, we have mentioned the top 10 best lock screen apps in the Google Play Store.

Best Lock Screen Apps for Android

1) Hi Locker

If you are looking for a powerful lock screen with multiple features, Hi Locker is one of the best android lock screen app for you. It is a fairly light app that allows users to do a lot of things, always of course, in an orderly and simple way.

The only disadvantage of using the Hi Locker app is that it does not support facial recognition, Otherwise, it is an excellent lock screen app for android.

2) Lock Screen and Notifications iOS 14

As its name suggests, this is an app to customize our Android and give it a touch to the iPhone. On the other hand you can have a classic unlocking panel to enter the PIN or password, as well as a notification menu from where we can manage, open or view them in the purest iOS style.

A very interesting customization application that has a very positive evaluation by the community, with 4.8 stars and more than 5 million downloads on Google Play.

3) Lockscreen Password

A good alternative if you are looking for is a simple and no-frills lock screen. Lockscreen Password is a lightweight add-on that allows users to add a password lock screen and modify the wallpaper with custom backgrounds.

Although it has not been updated since 2018, the truth is that it continues to receive very good reviews from users. It is one of the most popular lock screen apps with more than 10 million app downloads on Google Play.

4) Fireflies Lockscreen

An application that offers a few really attractive lock screens with animations. It has a settings drawer on the bottom panel that allows users to read the notifications. It also allows users to customize the lock screen clock.

The app has more than 10 million downloads and a 4.3-star rating. After installing the app, deactivate the system’s lock screen to avoid the double lock.

5) AcDisplay

AcDisplay offers the perfect customization for those looking for a minimalist and clear lock screen. This app is very good for those who do not like the notifications to be shown on the screen and prefer to keep them well stored.

The developer has not updated the app since 2015. In any case, it is free, something that always works in your favor. Especially recommended for old mobiles.

6) Always On AMOLED

Always On AMOLED is an app that tries to emulate the Always-On function of Samsung mobiles. A function that allows users to have the mobile screen always on.

It allows users to customize the clock, see if there are new notifications, and even put a personalized welcome message. An application specially designed for mobiles with AMOLED screens.

7) KLCK Kustom Lock Screen Maker

KLCK is a lock screen editor that allows users to create a personalized lock screen, where to add notifications, shortcuts, wallpapers, a music player, and many other functions. It is still in beta, although it receives updates constantly.

8) Screen Off and Lock

This simple app is about a button that we can place anywhere on our Android screen. It offers the same functionality as the physical on/off button, which means that we can turn off the screen directly by touch.

The app also has small animations on and off the screen (zoom, old TV, curtain), along with some sound effects. It is one of the best, curious and attractive lock screen apps for android.

9) Dodol Locker

Dodol locker is one the best lock screen android app built with beautiful wallpapers. The app has a minimalist design, and several customization options to add functions to the lock screen.

It is very useful for people who are looking for an app that changes the wallpapers of the lock screen automatically. It is still in beta but receives constant updates.

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