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Why VPS Hosting Is The Perfect Alternative To Dedicated Hosting?

VPS Hosting

A dedicated server is usually the most reliable option in web hosting since your site dedicatedly uses a hosting server. Hence, high-traffic or content-heavy websites prefer Dedicated Server Hosting over other hosting services.

A Dedicated Hosting Server offers complete control, privacy, and complete customization, and many other features. However, a Dedicated Server is costly. If your site requires advanced resources and features like a Dedicated Server, you can consider opting for a VPS Hosting plan

In this article, we will discuss what is VPS Hosting and look at the reasons why it is a perfect alternative to Dedicated Hosting.

What is VPS Hosting?

In VPS Hosting, your website resides on a virtual server. This is created by using server virtualization to divide a physical web server into multiple virtual servers.

Each virtual server has dedicated resources, account isolation, and full root access, allowing it to function as a Dedicated Server with limited resources. Since one web server is shared between multiple users, a VPS Hosting plan is much cheaper than a Dedicated Server Hosting plan. 

VPS – Best Alternative to Dedicated Server Hosting

1. Dedicated Resources

If you host your website on a shared server between multiple users, then the resources and bandwidth get shared between them. However, in VPS Hosting, the virtualization software ensures that each VPS Server has dedicated resources not shared with any other users. This ensures that you have resources allocated as a Dedicated Server without the associated costs.

2. Account Isolation

Another important feature of a VPS Hosting Server is account isolation. Virtualization ensures that each virtual server is isolated from the others so that the performance does not affect the others.

Hence, even if one virtual server gets infected or faces a security breach, other virtual servers are not impacted. This allows each virtual server to function as a standalone server.

Hence, if you want to opt for a private and isolated hosting environment for your site, then a VPS ensures it with account isolation and other features.

3. Full Root Access

A Dedicated Server allows users to install any application/software and make changes to the server based on the site’s requirements. While this is not possible in other hosting services that use shared servers, with best VPS hosting, each virtual server has complete root access allowing the site owner to make any changes to the hosting environment.

Linux VPS Hosting offers full root access to the users, similar to the administrative access in Windows VPS. This makes it ideal for websites that need to install custom and proprietary applications to offer a unique site experience to users.

Summing up

Remember, a virtual server offers most of the benefits offered by a Dedicated Server with certain limitations. While the difference in the VPS Server price and the Dedicated Server cost is huge, you must avoid opting for a VPS Hosting plan only to save costs.

Know your site’s hosting requirements carefully and try to choose a plan that is best suited to help it perform optimally. Good Luck!

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