Why Whatsapp Business Is Best For Customer Engagement

Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp is not widely regarded as a marketing channel. This is because it is essentially a personal messaging app. Unlike other marketing channels, advertising through WhatsApp is not as straightforward as simply buying ad space.

There are no “followers” or an audience that looks forward to your updates. There are no open groups and forums that you can join easily and share information and material. 

The average text message has an open rate of 98%, whereas the average email has an open rate of just about 30%. You can expect much less from organic marketing on Facebook. 

Customers love a personal, seemingly human connection with a brand, which is why chatbots are so popular nowadays. Whatsapp Business is a powerful marketing platform for customer engagement.

WhatsApp For Business Marketing

Available for both Android and IOS, the WhatsApp Business is built keeping the small business owner in mind. The features of this version allow small business owners to automate, sort, and respond to messages much quicker than the regular version.

These features make it much easier to manage your WhatsApp marketing campaign. Here are some of its features:

1. Business Profile:

You can create a business profile that includes helpful details for your customers such as your address, business description, email address, and website.

2. Quick Reply:

Save and re-use the message you frequently need to send. You can save answers to the more frequently asked questions and solve customer queries in no time.

3. Automate Messages:

It is not always possible to respond to customers round-the-clock, especially when most customers expect quick responses.

With automated responses, you can solve this issue to an extent. You can create a welcome message for your customers when they contact you.

4. Message Statistics:

Insights regarding how many messages were successfully sent, delivered, and read can help you fine-tune your WhatsApp marketing strategies for better results.

Using this, you can track how well your strategy and what needs to change for future marketing strategy.

5. Labels:

Organize your contacts with labels, so that you can find them easily and create target groups and more tailored communication.

6. Business Landline Number:

If you use a landline number for your business, you can also use your landline number to create a Whatsapp Business account.

7. Message privately and securely: 

The end-to-end encryption and strict attention to message protection and privacy is the key benefit of WhatsApp Business.

All these features and tools create various opportunities for you to market your business on WhatsApp effectively.


WhatsApp is a powerful medium with a stupendous reach. The best part is that it is free and simple to use. It allows you to connect with your customers on a more personal level and reinforce a stronger brand image.

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