6 Ways Your Small Startup Can Look Bigger

Small Startup

Bigger businesses just seem more trustworthy and less of a risk to deal with. Thus it’s in the best interest of any small business to look “bigger” than they might be if they want to even be given a chance by their customers.

Of course, very few organizations start big. However, there are plenty of ways to fake it until you make it. Here are some of the proven ways to make your small startup look much bigger than it is.

1. Invest in a great website

There are many great drag and drop tools that allow you to create a professional website but we still recommend hiring experienced UX and UI design services to create your website. 

Many small business websites are only professional-looking at first glance and fall short of delivering an experience that makes the visitor believe that they are dealing with a larger company.

2. Use professional meeting spaces

If your office looks unpresentable, you would probably rather do initial meetings with important people in coffee shops, hotel conference rooms, or better yet, coworking spaces with presentable meeting rooms.

The latter will give you access to projectors and other presentation equipment that may be necessary for your pitch.

3. Be meticulous in your branding

While many people think branding and logos are the same, it doesn’t end there. Your logo, business letterheads, standard fonts, company colors, dress codes, the tone of your content, and the type of music you use on your videos, the platforms you choose to make your presence known all contribute to the mystical whole that is “branding”.  

Most larger organizations eventually end up with professional branding after much trial and error. The smarter ones, however, usually hire an agency to help them arrive at that image they want faster. 

4. Use Professional-sounding business name

Hollywood actors have long known that there is power in names. “Cary Grant” does sound more like leading man material than “Archibald Leach”, and “Woody Allen” does have a bit more of a zing to it than “Allen Konigsberg”.  

The same thing applies to business names. Business names you may consider bland and uninteresting might be what more people consider stable and dependable. Consider changing your current business name to a better match with some unique business names options if there is room for improvement.

5. Hire a good virtual assistant

Being able to effectively schedule meetings, calls, and other appointments without much effort or negotiations is a hallmark of a business that has everything together — or one that has an effective personal assistant working for the owner.

If you don’t have the budget for a full-time PA, you can hire a virtual sales assistant to take care of the admin work and small details for you.

6. Social presence

Most people have no point of reference to what makes a company “big”. For most of the folks you’ll be dealing with, things such as declared revenue or listings on popular publications don’t necessarily mean as much as brand recognition or pervasiveness. 

We all know getting traditional ads can be expensive. But smaller businesses today can easily equalize the playing field with online marketing.

With the savvy use of SEO and Social media marketing, your brand can be everywhere online for much less than what it would cost to achieve the same kind of presence with real-world marketing.


There’s no shortage of options for making your small venture look larger than it is. Given the market’s instinctive drive to go for more known businesses, employing at least a few of these ideas can be key to your startup’s continued growth.

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