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10 Awesome Tweaks to Try After Rooting your Android

Rooting Android

Some of you might be familiar with the term “rooting.” If not, then you are at the right place. Rooting is not a tech-savvy term. Rooting an Android phone means that you will get its Administrative rights or privileges.

Rooting an Android phone can give you,

  • Several tweaks to implement,
  • Customization to almost anything,
  • Custom ROMs,
  • Custom Apps.

Rooting a phone has its disadvantages too. You might want to look at them before making your decision. Now let us look at some amazing things it can do.

You can change the IMEI number

You can change the IMEI number of any rooted Android device. You can do it by using the Xposed installer/framework. You can get benefits on recharges, bills, etc. Also, you can change your IMEI number for a limited period only.

You can turn off any Android device remotely

It is one of the best tweaks you might want to try after rooting your Android device. You can shut down any other rooted device by sending an SMS from your rooted Android device.

You have to download the “Remote Power Off” zip file on your laptop/PC and extract it. Transfer it to the rooted devices and install. Follow the simple instructions from the app, and that is it. 

Now, if you want to turn off your Android device, you can send a secret message.

You can recover your Wifi password

At some point, we all have come across this issue. But if you have a rooted device, you can recover a WiFi password that you had connected. You have to download the “Wifi Key Recovery” application and follow simple instructions.

You can restrict data usage for apps

You can disallow several applications to use your internet bandwidth. You can use this setting on both cellular and Wifi networks.

You can increase the RAM of your Android device.

Since it is a little complicated process, I am sharing this easy guide that you can follow to increase your phone’s RAM.

You can change the serial number of your Android device

The process to change the serial number is the same as changing the IMEI number. You need to install the Xposed framework and “serial number changer” module.

You can make your Android device boot faster

Usually, an android phone takes 1-3 minutes to boot. It can be frustrating at times. However, a rooted device can boot in a considerably faster time. You have to download the “Root Explorer” application and follow a simple guide. Make sure to enter the right code when needed.

You can block Ads on Youtube

Anyone can get annoyed by the ads Google shows you while you stream Youtube videos in the official app. However, you can stop these Ads by using the Xposed Adblocker module. 

You can create a recovery flashable zip

When you reset your Android device or install a custom ROM, some applications may get deleted. But, you can backup all your apps if your device is rooted. All you have to do is download the Recovery Flashable ZIP template on your PC and follow a simple guide.

Is it illegal?

Many users fear that rooting a device can end them up behind the bars. However, it is not true. Rooting a device is legal.

Rooting means just unlocking the full potential of an android device. You can also root other devices like Amazon Firestick, and Chromecast, but that process is called “Jailbreaking”. 

Jailbreaking is also legal, and you can use it to install third-party apps on devices like Firestick. You can use apps like KODI to stream movies, shows, and live sports for free. You can get everything you need to know about Jailbreaking in this guide.

Both Jailbreaking and rooting your devices mean giving yourself their administrative rights. You can get several benefits after doing it. But there are some disadvantages like,

  • Rooting a phone will void its warranty,
  • Your phone might be more vulnerable to malware and hacking,
  • You might lose access to high-security apps like Android Pay.

Final verdict

Rooting or jailbreaking has its tweaks and benefits. But you might want to see YouTube videos or follow proper guides to do it. You do not want to turn your device into a useless box.

So, you can root your phone if you want to enjoy new features, but with a lot of attention to detail.

Also, if you root your device, make sure to install applications and custom ROMs carefully, as it can bring malware into your device very easily.

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