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Top 5 Adb Useful Commands List

Adb Commands

For many of us, plugging and interacting with our Android phone into a laptop is a large plus. In addition to the moments when we broke something and needed to solve it, there are many reasons why a sophisticated Android user would like to speak to their smart-phone. You need a few instruments to do that, and you need to understand a few instructions. That’s what we’ll be talking about today. Here are some of the commonly used Adb commands:

1. The adb devices command 

The adb devices command is the most important of the bunch, as it is used to ensure communication between your computer and Android device. 

Type adb equipment at the start of the command once you’re sure you’re in the correct folder. You are nice to go if you get a serial number! If you’re not, make sure that you’re in the correct folder and that if you’re using Windows, the device driver is mounted properly. And be sure you’ve switched on USB debugging!

2. The adb push command 

You should use the adb push command if you want to transfer a file programmatically to your Android computer. You’ll need to understand some parameters, namely the complete path of the file you’re pushing, and the complete route to where you want it to be placed. The route must be embedded in the command.

3. The adb pull command 

If adb push sends documents to your Android device, the reason why the adb pull command would pull them out is precisely what it does, and it operates the same way that the adb push command did.

You need to understand both the file path you want to take out and the route you want it to be put in. To make things simple, you can leave the target route blank and drop the file into your tools folder.

4. The adb reboot command

 This is precisely what you think that your device can be rebooted from the command line. Running is easy: simply type and enter the adb reboot. Your phone can reboot in the center of a script if you need it. 

5. The adb reboot-boot-loader and adb reboot recovery

These commands not only can you reboot your device, but they can also be specified to reboot to the boot-loader. This is terribly useful, as these button combos are touchy at times, and it’s hard to remember them all if you have a bunch of phones.

Without this command, some devices don’t even have a way to boot the bootloader. And again, it’s great to be able to use this command in a script. It’s simple to do this, just write the adb boot-loader and press the entry button.

Most devices can also boot directly with the adb reboot recovery into the recovery (note that there is no hyphen in this one) and some can’t.

Thus, we have seen some key commands that work with ADB. There are many other commands, which are not covered here, but you can have a reference of them on the web.

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