Simple Traffic Review: Is It Worth To Use?

Simple Traffic Review

When you’re growing your online presence, website traffic is a huge indicator of growth. Everything you do on your website is meant to improve your search engine rank and bring in more traffic.

However, there are tools out there to reduce your workload, such as website traffic providers. Simple Traffic is a website traffic provider that has become quite popular! Their platform is a favorite because it allows people to easily purchase traffic for blogs, affiliate links, websites, etc.

Here is a complete review of Simple Traffic to help you determine if it’s the right provider for you. So, if you want to grow your online presence and are looking to buy traffic for your website, continue reading!

What Is Simple Traffic?

Simple Traffic is a platform that provides website traffic by using visitor forwarding software. What they do is divert traffic from huge domains, which they own or rent, thus offering real human traffic for your website. There are no bots, no fake visitors; all the traffic is real and it will help your business grow.

Simple Traffic offers quality traffic to your website. It also allows you to track the traffic and get more insight to improve your website’s speed. Overall, they provide a service that truly benefits their clients, which is why it has become so popular.

How Does Simple Traffic Work?

Simple Traffic owns a large group of websites and domains. They use these to create social media campaigns as well as link building campaigns, so they can drive real visitors to your website.

To do this, they use visitor forwarding software and the visitors they provide are tailored to your targeted demographic. Everything happens in a second, and just like that, you will get more and more leads.

Of course, converting these leads will depend on the content you provide and your ability to convert them. You still have work to do, but with Simple Traffic, you won’t have to worry about making an effort to drive more traffic to your website.

The Benefits of Simple Traffic

1. It Provides Real Traffic

Many of the website traffic providers on the market sell bot traffic as if it was real traffic, but that’s not the case here. Simple Traffic provides 100% real traffic from real people. This is why so many people are so happy with the service and that can be clearly seen in the customer reviews.

2. Get More Clicks

Because the traffic provided by Simple Traffic is real, you will get more clicks. Unlike bots, real people navigate through the menus on your website. Don’t forget this is cold traffic, though, which means you’ll need to convert it.

3. Advanced Targeting Options

Another great benefit of using Simple Traffic is that they provide many advanced targeting options. They feature all types of filters, which you can use to choose the traffic you want for your website. You can select any country, type of device, Internet browser, and more.

4. Offers Traffic Analytics

Simple Traffic also provides traffic analytics so you can track where it’s coming from. They provide detailed analytics, which means they’re fully transparent about what they do. This allows you to make whatever changes you need by helping you determine what kind of traffic is working for you or not.

5. Many Available Plans

Simple Traffic offers a wide variety of plans for you to choose from. For example, the Festival Plan is the most popular one and it costs only $50. This plan will allow you to get 60,000 visitors every month. We ask you to check out all their plans to determine which one works best for you!

6. Good Refund Policy

Simple Traffic has a good refund policy with a 30-day refund policy. If you’re not satisfied or happy with the service, you can get your money back without an issue and invest it elsewhere.

The Drawbacks of Simple Traffic

1. It Provides Cold Traffic

As mentioned before, though Simple Traffic provides real traffic, it’s actually cold. This means you can only convert the traffic if you have a good conversion strategy and you know what you’re doing. 

If not, the traffic they provide won’t be useful to you. But they do have some tips on how to convert the cold traffic.

2. The Traffic is Not Relevant for Google AdSense

Google AdSense loves organic traffic and some people can even get away with social traffic as well. But forward traffic is not allowed! you cannot use the traffic provided by Simple Traffic for your AdSense.

Is Simple Traffic Worth Your Money?

To determine whether Simple Traffic is worth your money or not, you should consider everything we’ve discussed today and take advantage of their 5-day free trial. 

If you discover it does make a difference, that means Simple Traffic does have value for you personally and, in that case, it’s definitely worth your money.

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