Tips for Integrating Videos Into Your SEO Strategy

Watching Video Content

Video content has become more and more popular and with good reason. Videos allow you to tell a story, showcase your products or services, and engage more followers. Plus, video content is effective. Ninety percent of video consumers say that product videos help them make a decision. 

Videos have a wider reach than images, and including a video in an email increases the click-through rate by 200-300 percent. It’s time to start incorporating more videos into your SEO strategy. Here’s what you can do.

Videos can increase Site’s Traffic & Social Media Engagement

Engaging videos can help bring people to your website and your social media accounts. You may already be attempting other SEO strategies, such as backlinks or keywords. 

If you’re already working on your SEO, it’s time to add videos to the mix. They’ll help you increase your online presence and bring more users to your site and accounts.

You can embed videos directly into your company’s website and share the videos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. A clip of a great video on Instagram will result in traffic on your website.

Videos can also create more engagement on social media platforms, so you’ll find yourself with more followers and an uptick in interactions.

Make Interesting and Meaningful  Videos

Of course, this strategy only works if your videos are worth watching. Instagram followers won’t head to your site to see more about a product that you haven’t properly showcased. Try to put some time and effort into your videos to make them worth watching. 

Create videos about your business or demonstrates how to use a product. Whatever your videos are about, make sure you address why the watcher has tuned in. 

Start by answering the questions and addressing why the viewer is watching. In the end, plug your business. This shows that you understand how to make a meaningful video and don’t feel the need to force the viewer to get through your business information before giving them answers.

Create Videos To Show Your Products/Services

Making a video of yourself sitting at a table explaining the history of the company, that probably won’t bring in new clients. Instead, create a short video of you explaining how a product works or demonstrating a service. 

If you own a local store and sell foam rollers, a short video demonstrating how to use the roller will go far. If people were hesitant to purchase a roller because they didn’t know how to use it, they can be encouraged by your video. 

Use this content to show off your knowledge and skills. You’ll reaffirm that your company understands the industry and can be trusted. With this you can bring more customers to your business, and show exactly what you can do.

If you’ve put off making video content for your business, don’t wait any longer. Crafting excellent content and hosting it on your site will improve your SEO ranking, customer engagement, and credibility.

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