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How Artificial Intelligence Can Simplify The Recruitment Process

AI in Recruitment

It’s no doubt that artificial intelligence can change the way the recruitment industry works. There are already a few AI-driven technologies that are helping companies ease the recruitment selection process. 

Even though you may not be completely comfortable with it, you might want to peek into the possibilities of AI for your organization before it is too late. Not to replace the workforce in your organization, but to keep them free from specific tasks and enable them to do more important things. For example, decision making and empathizing with candidates when needed.

Recruiters can now use innovative AI technologies in the following ways to simplify the recruitment process:

1. Source Recruitment Tools:

It has become much easier to search for the right candidate today than it was a decade ago. We owe this to the introduction of recruitment platforms like LinkedIn.

The most effective way to use AI in recruitment is by automating the task of profile search. Companies can use AI to automate the search for passive candidates across databases and apply accurate search terms to unleash talent.

Typically, this search process is complex and time-consuming for recruiters as they often don’t find the correct candidate using regular search terms.

AI can also help in refreshing the profiles of inactive candidates that engaged in a lot of recruitment activities and are currently overlooked in the CRM.

AI can engage these inactive candidates and update their profiles to collect specific information on skills possessed by them. This way, candidates who were not considered but are familiar with the company can be engaged again into new roles.

2. Quickly select and assess candidates:

AI-driven assessment can make the recruitment process easier. Evaluation and selection of candidates based on AI can offer a more engaging experience to them. It will also help reduce the assessment time to a great extent.  

Questions based on reasoning ability can be time-consuming and tedious. Therefore, using the latest technologies and tools can expedite the process. Naturally, you would have to ensure proper testing of AI-driven assessments before implementing them. 

3. NLP or Natural Language Processing:

Technology like NLP is being used by recruiters for decades now. And still, there is a lot to be resolved and accomplished.

One example of NLP being used in recruitment is the use of Boolean keyword searches for identifying relevant resumes. NLP can help with resume clarification, identification, automation, and deep extraction in the recruitment selection process.

4. Make outreach and sourcing effective:

Artificial intelligence can bring revolutionary changes in the recruitment process through highly effective and sourcing techniques. Although referrals remain the leading source of hiring until data offers otherwise, AI effectively gathers sufficient data from numerous candidates to determine the best candidate.

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