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How To Hire A React Developer To Build A Strong And Reliable Programming Team


React has gained the title of one of the most popular languages for creating mesmerizing websites and mobile applications. Companies are trying to hire ReactJS developers because these developers are a game-changer asset for every firm. 

See, React is currently used in over 10 million active websites. It is expected to go beyond that in the upcoming years. This development technology has successfully created unique projects and will be continued to be used in future projects. 

For instance, take the example of Amazon, Uber, and Twitter. All of these platforms use React. 

If these features and numbers make you tick, click on the link to read about how to hire a React developer in detail. 

ReactJS – What is it, and Why is it good?

React was created by John Walke, a Facebook developer. Seeing the possibilities, React was immediately included in the network. React now powers thousands of websites, and every day hundreds are being added. 

But, the question is, why is React getting that popular? 

Virtual DOM:

The first benefit of React is that high-performance projects and files are built on ReactJS. This is possible because of React Virtual Document Object Model (DOM). DOM is tree-structured, and even a slight change in the upper model can cause many problems.

So, for that, Facebook created a virtual DOM. Virtual DOM is the representation of an object model in virtual mode. The model ensures that every change is applied first, and then the actual document object model is updated. Together, all these steps enable developers to run complex software.

Modular Nature:

Another reason why developers love this platform is the ease of maintenance. React is easy to maintain because of its modular structure. It is easy to update the code in React compared to other languages. With this benefit, businesses can save tons of money and time. 

Huge community: 

Lastly, React has a vast community that contains millions of libraries that can help in the development process. It opens new ways to implement the functions and integrate features. 

Hire A ReactJS Developer – Requirements

React JS developers for hire is one part. Those developers meeting the requirements is another part. So, it is crucial to what type of skillset and requirements a developer should have when you are about to hire a ReactJS programmer. 

Junior Developer

When you are planning to hire React JS junior developer, make sure that the candidate meets these mentioned requirements. 

  • Should have experience of 1-1,5+ years
  • Should know React, Angular, CSS, HTML, GIT, ES6+, or, Redux
  • Nice to have knowledge of Material UI or Bootstrap
  • Should be able to speak English

Mid Level Developer

Mid-level React JS developer has industry knowledge and experience in developing programs. Such developers should meet the requirements mentioned here.

  • Should have experience of 2 or more years
  • Should have knowledge of Angular or React, Redux or RxJS, Typescript, CSS3, HTML5, or Material UI.
  • Nice to know about Cloud services, Redux-Saga, CI/CD, or Docker
  • Should be able to speak fluent English

Senior Level Developer

Senior-level developers possess knowledge of the developing state of the apps and software. If you are looking to hire a React JS developer senior, he should have

  • Experience of 4+ years
  • Knowledge of React JS and Typescript, Redux-Saga, ES6, Material UI, Bootstrap, and javascript frameworks such as JQuery, Angular, Docker, and Vue.
  • Nice to have knowledge of cloud services, Kubernetes, and app optimization.

Hire ReactJS Developers – The 4 Steps

Now that you know what is the importance of hiring ReactJS developers and what skillset they should have, let’s talk about the steps that can be used to hire React JS development team (you can find out all the details of hiring such specialists without a hitch at this link).

Step 1: Open the Vacancy

The first step in React JS developers for hire is to open a vacancy in your firm. That can be done after approval from the higher officials. When it is approved, post a job on LinkedIn or contact headhunters.

Step 2: Filter out the CVs

Once you get relevant CVs from LinkedIn or the headhunters, it is time to filter out the CVs that can be your potential candidate. Make sure that their skillset matches your requirement.

Step 3: Screening and Interviewing

Call the potential candidates for an interview. This process can be divided into two interviews. The first one will be non-technical, and the second will be technical. Screen the interviews and select the ones that are best suited for the job.

Step 4: Select the candidate

It is time to select the candidates that match the requirements of the project and has the skillset that can be used in the longer run. Make sure to create a proper hiring contract, add relevant paperwork, and hire ReactJS developers. 

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