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Fatek IoT: A Remote Monitoring Solution

FATEK Remote Monitoring Solution

FATEK now provides a fast, convenient, and highly competitive solution for remote monitoring of a wide range of equipment. No need to change system architecture and upgrade current equipment. 

With the introduction of the FATEK remote monitoring solution, it is possible to access and monitor remotely through the browser and the FATEK application.

In addition to accessing and monitoring many devices and sensors at a glance, FATEK also provides remote maintenance functions, which can remotely update projects and device firmware. 

With the FATEK remote monitoring solution, no matter how complex the control requirements are, they can be easily and quickly changed, with no time gap between the production process and the market demand.

Best Features of Fatek Remote Monitoring Solution:

  • Simultaneously monitor data from multiple devices and sensors scattered across different locations, different devices and without network capability.
  • Multiple alarm conditions can be configured, with the option of alerting by SMS, email or notifications within the application to users, to know the status in real-time.
  • While the data is being monitored, the data logging and storage task can also be configured securely in the cloud space. Recorded data can be exported and read at any time without losing any key information.
  • Using the logged data, trend graphs can be generated, allowing you to analyze and compare differences with past trends during monitoring.
  • Through the browser, you can monitor or modify the data of the target device without software installation and configuration, which greatly improves mobility and convenience.
  • Easily perform remote software maintenance and system upgrade.
  • The location of the device is displayed on Google Maps, making it easy to manage the devices.

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