Corporate Investment Strategies to Consider in 2023

Corporate Investment Strategies

A corporation is a business entity in itself, with no connection to the investors and according to law, a corporation possesses the same rights as a private individual and is able to lend, borrow, hire and fire, sue or be sued and invest.

Here are a few popular investment strategies that corporations use in 2023.

1. Corporate trusts

Most corporations utilise trust entity management software to keep track of trusts, which offer taxation advantages among other benefits.

A large corporation would have a team of corporate accountants to manage all of their trusts, as well as assets. Public bonds can be issued, whereby private investors can acquire shares.

2. Company acquisition

This is a logical investment for many corporations; a big fast-food chain would take over their suppliers, leaving the organisation to function as before-one advantage is you have complete control over your supplier, as you own it!

This is how a growing company becomes a corporation, with mergers and acquisitions that are structured to minimise risk and expand business activities.

3. Real estate

Real estate is a smart investment strategy for individuals, companies and corporations; it is usually for commercial purposes, which can be spread evenly.

Prior to making a significant investment, a corporation board of directors would seek the advice of their accountants; it might be a long-term investment that will pay big dividends in the future.

4. Stocks & bonds

A corporation might allocate 25% of their portfolio to stocks & bonds; when the economy is on a downward trend, the corporation might move money into a safer market, at least until the markets stabilise.

The Covid pandemic saw many investors sell their stock and move into gold, real estate and trusts, fearing the worst.

If you are starting up a personal investment portfolio, we recommend that you contact a financial adviser to help you identify short and long-term investment goals and with their help, you can create a diverse portfolio.

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5. Central banks/ currency

Corporations invest with central banks such as CitiBank, Deutsche Bank and Wells Fargo, to name but a few.

The structure of a corporation might be extremely complex and a team of corporate accountants would manage all investments, using cutting-edge software to analyse data and make decisions that are based on the latest data.

Investment management software

There are providers of online investment management software packages that are tailored to suit the client, whether a corporation, company or private individual.

Financial advisers make the best use of such software to manage multiple investment portfolios, which includes powerful analytical tools that take real-time data and analyse it.


Of course, every company and corporation is liable to pay taxes and one of the main goals of corporate accountants is to minimise taxes. Corporations have the same rights as private individuals and commercial lawyers are sometimes consulted prior to making an investment.

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