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Why Build a Progressive Web Application(PWA)?


By building a progressive web application, the merchants can deliver app-like mobile commerce that is fast, integrated, and reliable. Increased conversions, memorable micro-interactions, a faster and smoother development process, and a reduction in potential bugs are what one can gain from PWA implementation. Moreover, they can also improve SEO and drive 50% better page performance on average. 

So, What’s the Future Like? 

Not everyone has adapted PWA technology yet but, many of the eCommerce business owners are slowly taking an interest in building a PWA mobile store instead of developing native iOS and Android apps. The first and foremost reason being is cost-effectiveness.

PWA shrinks the unnecessary need for building different apps for different platforms, which is a big-time cost and time savings for marketplace owners. 

Moreover, Progressive Web Apps are highly indexed in Google, which means greater visibility and global traffic for a business. One can enjoy endless and powerful marketing possibilities by investing in AdWords and Google Ads or other PPC campaigns.

In short, since PWA serves the purpose of both worlds, eCommerce owners don’t have to face the dilemma of choosing between building a website or a mobile app for the success of their business.

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